Man asks people to ‘use’ Muslim women, circulate phone numbers of women

Date: 2 August 2021

The Delhi Commission for Women issued a notice to the Delhi police to arrest a man who has been posting indecent and threatening messages against Muslim women on social media. The man identified as Kunal Sharma put out a post that read, ‘Marry Muslim girls. Treat it as government property and use it. Have fun yourself. Get others too. This is how Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas will happen.” The DCW issued a notice to Delhi police regarding the same and asked for the FIR copy registered in the matter, steps taken by the police to remove the content from social media, etc among other queries.The man had also put out a list of names of some Muslim women with their contact numbers and addresses, asking Hindu men to sexually exploit them. The title of this list read ‘Muslim Ladki Patao Campaign’ and at the end of the list ‘Dedicated to all Hindu boys’ was written. Along with Kunal, few other men who are identified as Shringi Yadav, Sukhdev Sahdev, Rambhakt Gopal, and Vikas Sehrawat also are involved in the matter.




Two houses in Moradabad locality sold to Muslims, residents threaten exodus

Date: 05 August 2021

Residents of a middle-class neighbourhood in Western Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad put up posters declaring that their houses were up for sale and threatening an exodus from the neighbourhood after two properties there were sold to Muslims, although the district administration suggests a property issue at the heart of the matter. Almost every door in Shiv Mandir Colony in the city’s Lajpat Nagar area bears a poster saying: “Samuhik palayan. Yeh makaan bikau hai. Sampark karen. (Collective exit. This property is for sale. Please contact).” The posters were put up late last week, and the residents claim it is because of the sale of two properties in the neighbourhood to Muslims. On Wednesday, both these properties, located at two separate entry points of the small neighbourhood, were found locked. As part of their protest, the residents gather every day at the Shiv temple in their colony. A banner at the entry to the temple announces that the entire neighourhood is up for sale. The residents claim “protecting” the temple is also driving this protest.




Muslim man beaten to death while in Gujarat police’s custody

Date: 5 August 2021

Irshad Sheikh, a resident of Surat was allegedly beaten to death by cops while in custody at Chowk Bazar Police Station in Surat. “Officers from Chowk Bazar Police Station called my husband Tuesday morning and asked him to come and report at the police station regarding a case. I kept on waiting till Wednesday morning, but we received his dead body on that day,” the deceased’s wife Saba Khatoon said. Saba alleges that the police subjected her husband to third-degree torture in custody, which resulted in his death. 

Saba alleges that the police subjected her husband to third-degree torture in custody, which resulted in his death. “His (Irshad Sheikh) dead body came in the same rickshaw in which he went to the police station alive on his own”, a local news outlet G24 News quoted Irshad’s mother-in-law as saying. According to ABP News, the police brutality happened after Irshad was produced in court and released on bail. “He was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. The accused died after being released on bail,” ABP news reports. According to ABP News, the police brutality happened after Irshad was produced in court and released on bail. “He was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. The accused died after being released on bail,” ABP news reports.

Reports say a policeman who was in charge of the Chowk Bazar Police Station was charged in the custodial death case of Irshad.




Ghaziabad temple priest releases hate video on relations between Hindu women and Muslim men

Date: 08 August 2021

The National Commission for Women (NCW) on Saturday, 7 August, demanded the Uttar Pradesh Police to take immediate action against Hindutva leader Yati Narsinghanand for inappropriate remarks against women. The letter by NCW was in response to a video of Narsinghanand doing the rounds on internet, where the Akhil Bharatiya Sant Parishad President says that, "Muslim men in the film industry and otherwise are luring Hindu women into prostitution." Among other things, the priest said that Muslim professionals such as doctors, plumbers, electricians and plumbers “seduce” Hindu women at their homes and alleged that most of the call girls and prostitutes were “Hindu women”.




Mahapanchayat held for aborting construction of Haj House

Date: 07 August 2021

Scores of people gathered in Dwarka sector 22, where the government has allotted land for the proposed construction of Haj House, demanding its cancellation. Calling the event a ‘Mahapanchayat’, protesters chanted slogans during the two-hour agitation.

 Ajit Swami, president of All Dwarka Residents' Federation – which along with neighbouring villages and right wing outfits – said the allotment should be cancelled because they don’t want the government to spend money only on one religion. “There are so many communities in Dwarka and Muslim population is the least. Why should the government spend crores on building for members of one community? They should build something that can be used by all – like a hospital or a school,” he said, adding that the government will spend money on maintaining the place as well “which is not right”.




After residents of a locality threaten to leave, TV anchor alleges “zameen jihad”

Date: 3 August 2021

On his daily “debate” show, Taal Thok Ke, on August 3, Aman Chopra of Zee News railed against a campaign of “zameen jihad” which he declared was forcing Hindu families in Moradabad to migrate en masse. A “serial conspiracy”, was compelling “81 Hindu families to migrate”, the anchor thundered. And not just in Moradabad, Hindus were being driven from their homes elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh as well under a well-oiled plot. “People aren't even free to live in UP, huh?” Chopra demanded to know. His evidence were a poster that spoke of “saamoohik palaayan”, or mass migration, and a few unhappy people in Shiv Mandir Colony, Moradabad, from where the Hindu families were being driven out in a “calculated manner”. This was enough for Chopra to declare a “religious takeover” of the colony, a wink to the Hindutva trope that Muslims are a “demographic danger” to the Hindu majority. In addition, Chopra mouthed an unverified claim that Muslim men routinely misbehaved with Hindu women from the colony and threw “meat peices” near the homes of the neighbourhood.

“Serious allegations are being made, women of the locality are complaining of harassment, lewd behaviour, meat, fish being thrown in front of houses,” he added.  His show was based entirely on an allegation that the Moradabad police have rejected. According to the police, there are a grand total of 81 houses in Shiv Mandir Colony and all are owned by Hindus. There are two houses outside the colony, near its gates, which were recently sold, rightfully and legally, to Muslims, who are still to move in. Since then, according to an Indian Express report, the colony’s residents have been gathering every day at the local temple because they don’t want “outsiders” living next to them. And they have put up posters threatening to migrate en masse if that were to happen. But there has been no migration so far, let alone an exodus.