UP Woman Who Converted To Islam Moves Delhi HC Seeking Protection

Date: 29 June 2021

A Hindu woman who converted to Islam has moved the Delhi High Court seeking protection while claiming that she is facing an extreme threat to her life and that of her immediate  family members who are allegedly being witch-hunted by the officials of the Uttar Pradesh Police. The woman has also claimed that owing to her conversion of religion she and her family members are being targeted and malicious content about her are being published in the media every day. The petitioner was a working woman in Delhi and has been residing in Delhi and originally belongs to Uttar Pradesh and on May 27, 2021 she converted to Islam religion with her own free will and without any threat or coercion from anyone. Since June 23, 2021, when she was in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, she started getting telephone calls from different media persons who requested a meeting, which she refused. Thereafter, they came to her place against her wishes, and then they took her photographs and took videos without her permission and against her will under force of threat. She has averred in her plea that Several news reports appeared in the small-time newspapers and news portals in UP with regard to the conversion of the petitioner giving completely absurd and imaginary details. Further, she wrote a letter to Delhi Police Commissioner seeking protection and alleging that she had been receiving many calls and messages from different people and we have been told that I would be forcefully taken back and would be converted again. The Sadar Bazar police in Shahjahanpur registered an FIR against Newslaundry journalist Nidhi Suresh pursuant to a defamation complaint filed by journalist Deep Srivastava, after Nidhi had written a report containing allegations of a woman named Ayesha Alvi that she was harassed by the journalist Srivastava after her conversion to Islam.








Woman retracts complaint against brothers booked for conversion, says she was under pressure

Date: 30 June 2021

A 24-year-old Sikh woman in Muzaffarnagar district retracted her allegations against two Muslim brothers who have been booked for rape and fraud, and charged under the anti-conversion law based on her complaint. The woman denied the allegations while recording her statement before a magistrate. According to the police, the woman claimed that she filed the complaint after being pressured by some Hindu organisations. The woman had earlier told the police that a man in her neighbourhood had married her after forcing her to change her religion. She also accused him of preparing false documents to present her as a Muslim woman eligible for “nikah [Muslim marriage]”. While the man she was reportedly married to is in jail at present, his brother is absconding. “In her statement before the magistrate, the woman denied all charges levelled against the two brothers. She even denied having married [one of] the accused, and claimed she got the FIR lodged following pressure by some Hindu organisations,” said the Station House Officer (SHO) of the police station concerned, adding that she did not name any outfit. The SHO said the complainant denied that the accused either took money from her or assaulted her. Sources said the police were planning to move court and request it to release the accused from jail.






Muslim Groups Oppose Govt’s Move To Take Back Mosque Land In Udupi

Date: 1 July 2021

Days after MLA Raghupati Bhat said that the revenue department decided to take back the government land allocated to Kalmath Mosque of Kodavoor district in Udupi, Muslim groups – Justice for Kalmath Masjid Vedike and District Muslim Okkoota- opposed the move, calling it “illegal”. The order for withdrawal of the land was given by Revenue Minister R Ashok on 25 June.  District Muslim Okkoota accused the revenue minister of “illegally ordering the withdrawal of government land given to Kalmath Mosque even when the name is lawfully registered in the RTC of Kalmath mosque situated in Kodavoor village of the taluk.” Justice for Kalmath Masjid Vedike stated that the government’s name has been “illegally entered in the land records of Kodavoor Kalmath Pallikettu masjid and thereby denying the rights of minorities.” Anti-NRC campaigner Shashidhar Hemmady said that the mosque land was registered with the Wakf Board in 1993 and that a gazetted notification was issued on the basis of legal documents. 






Incident about restaurant owners serving faeces-laced food communalized

Date: 1 July 2021

A year-old report of two restaurant owners in the UK booked for serving food mixed with human faeces to their customers was revived on social media. It was claimed that the Muslim owners served the contaminated food to non-Muslim customers. It is noteworthy that the article carries no such claim. Former CBI interim chief M Nageswara Rao also shared the Newstrack article from last year however, he did not claim that only non-Muslim customers were given the food. But his tweet termed the owners “religious fanatics”, hinting that the act was communally motivated. On April 24, 2020 Zee News published a report titled, “(Kabab was served with bodily waste, the mentality of Jamaatis prevails even abroad). he report has now been updated. The initial version said, “How far can you be saved from religious fundamentalism? Not just in India, but such a mentality is spread worldwide. Two youths in Britain, Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad Bhatti serve human bodily waste to non-Muslim customers.”  






Man arrested for robbery in Gujarat, video falsely viral as Delhi riots accused arrested

Date: 2 July 2021

A video of policemen in civilian clothes arresting four men eating at a roadside Dhaba was circulated on social media. It was claimed that Bharuch Crime Branch arrested ‘Siraj Mohammad Anwar’, an accused in last year’s Delhi riots. Twitter user @SortedEagle shared the clip, drawing over 1.2 lakh views as of this writing. The tweet was later taken down but an archive can be accessed here. @SortedEagle’s tweet was quote-tweeted by @KreatelyOSINT and OpIndia CEO Rahul Roushan. The latter deleted his tweet.  According to a Times of India report dated July 1, 2021, Ahmedabad police crime branch officers, posing as customers, managed to arrest a group of criminals at a roadside eatery. The accused is identified as wanted man Kishore Luhar who has 14 cases of robbery and rape registered against him. The report informs that he was nabbed from a Dhaba in Amarpura village of Saraswati taluka in Gujarat’s Patan district. Police also recovered a gun from Kishoer. The three individuals dining with him were also arrested.






School Officials Booked for Seeking Halal Meat Suppliers

Date: 3 July 2021

Authorities of the Welham Boys' School, a prominent school in Dehradun, were booked on Friday, 3 July, for 'inviting halal meat suppliers for the mess'. The complaint was filed by Bajrang Dal's convener Vikas Verma for 'promoting enmity between groups', reported The Times of India. The principal, vice principal and the manager of the residential school have been booked under Section 505 (2) of the Indian Penal Code which pertains to statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes. Earlier this week, Bajrang Dal members protested outside the residential school over the advertisement.