Online trolls wrongly claim Dilip Kumar donated wealth to Waqf Board

Date: 11 July 2021

After the demise of actor Dilip Kumar, a claim viral on social media suggested that the late actor has given away his wealth to the “Waqf Board” or the “Muslim Waqf Board”. The claim was shared by Twitter users @RealArnab_, @arunbajpairajan, @janardanspeaks, @janardanmis, among others, gaining thousands of likes and retweets. Multiple variations of the claim could be found on both Twitter and Facebook, also in the form of info-graphics. Many were accompanied by anti-Muslim comments. Faisal Farooqui, founder and CEO of, and the spokesperson of the late actor, said that the claim was false and no such donations had been made. Right after the late actor’s demise, many individuals referred to his Muslim identity at birth and put out hateful statements. The viral claim that he donated his money to a Muslim institution is an addition to the hate and disinformation campaign that attempts to discredit the actor. Moreover, a Waqf Board is a juristic person i.e., a legally recognised entity. Each state has a Waqf Board of its own, headed by a chairperson, one or two nominees from the state government, Muslim legislators and parliamentarians. There’s nothing illegal or wrong about donating to a Waqf Board.




Hindu boy lying to Hindu girl also jihad: Assam CM

Date:11 July 2021

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday said a Hindu boy lying to a Hindu girl is also Jihad adding that the cabinet will bring a law against it. Briefing media persons, the chief minister said, "Hindu boy lying to a Hindu girl is also Jihad. We will bring a law against it." "Hindutva is 5,000 years old and a way of life. Adherents of most religions are descendants of Hindus," he added.




Government auditors question NGOs about their Muslim employees and beneficiaries

Date: 08 July 2021

Hundreds of Indian non-governmental organisations were put in the midst of unprecedented audits by the government, triggering fears that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government – well known for its antipathy towards the non-profit sector – will eventually use its audit findings in actions or reprisals against specific organisations. At least since January, government auditors have been paying visits to NGO offices, staying 10-14 days on each occasion to comb through financial records. In several cases, according to interviews with executives and accountants in the non-profit sector, the visiting auditors also asked pointed questions about Muslim employees and beneficiaries, and about the political allegiances of NGO staff. Such government audits are not common. As in most countries, Indian NGOs file their accounts and financial reports regularly, and their books can come under the state’s scrutiny only if someone has raised a specific complaint about the NGO’s finances. The auditors told him, an executive director of one NGO said, that they had been asked to look for evidence of money disbursed to Muslim or Dalit groups, or to groups that supported the farmers’ protests earlier this year, or to those that supported protests against India’s controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in 2019. A founder of another Delhi-based NGO, which works in the field of human rights and labour law, said that auditors asked him about his Muslim field workers. “Out of all our 280 or so employees, they singled out one Abdul Jabbar and said: ‘Show me the expenses he has filed,’” he said. “And they would look at the vouchers of his lunch, for instance: two rotis and daal.” Then they asked about another employee, a woman from Kashmir. “What is the message we are getting here? That we should not employ Muslims?”




Wedding ceremony of interfaith couple called off after protests

Date: 13 July 2021

A family function in Nashik to celebrate the wedding of a Hindu woman and a Muslim man had to be cancelled after their wedding card was leaked and shared on public WhatsApp groups, prompting protests by some individuals who described it as a case of “love jihad”. Although the ceremony scheduled for July 18 was cancelled, the couple had already registered their marriage at a Nashik court in the presence of both the families in May. The family function on July 18 was only to perform some Hindu rituals before the bride left for her in-laws’ house. The bride’s father is a well-known jeweller locally and his family had struggled to find a suitable match for his daughter, who has physical disabilities. But when his daughter and her former classmate expressed willingness to get married, both families agreed to their union. The families knew each other for the past few years. After their marriage was registered at a local court, both sides agreed for a ceremony to be performed on July 18 with close relatives as invitees at a Nashik hotel. An invitation card printed for this purpose had somehow been leaked onto public WhatsApp groups, with bride’s father receiving messages, calls, including from even “strangers”, who demanded that the function be cancelled. The bride’s father said he was asked by his community members to meet them on July 9 and was “advised” not to hold the function. “A lot of pressure started coming from people of the community and others, and so it was decided to cancel the marriage function,” a family member on the bride’s side was quoted as saying by the Indian Express. Although the families do not prefer to approach the police, they have asserted that whatever happens, the young couple will not be forced to separate.




Old report from Rakhine State viral as Hindus killed by Rohingya Muslims in Kolkata

Date: 15 July 2021

A 2:20 minute long clip of a televised episode of DNA, the prime time show of Zee News, is viral on social media. According to these posts, thousands of Hindus have disappeared and 45 Hindus were killed in a small village in “Kolkata”. The posts blame Rohingya Muslims for the attack. 

Another Hindi caption has been edited and superimposed on the viral video. The caption reads, “Drown yourself if you find water somewhere. It is a slap to those Hindus who keep shouting about brotherhood.” 

In the first 20 seconds of the clip, anchor Sudhir Chaudhary mentions that his correspondent visited a village in Rakhine which is in Myanmar. It is clearly established that the report is on massacres in Myanmar and not a small village in “Kolkata”.




Movie ‘Toofan’ accused of promoting “love Jihad”

Date: 12 July 2021

Farhan Akhtar’s film ‘Toofaan’, which stars Mrunal Thakur as the female lead, found itself embroiled in another controversy. Just ahead of the film’s release, #Boycott Toofan was trending on Twitter as a section of netizens demanded a ban on the film for spreading love jihad. Trolls demanded a ban on ‘Toofan’ even in March due to Farhan’s old comments on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The actor had opposed CAA, which led to people lashing out at his film. This time people have demanded to boycott the film as it shows interfaith marriage. Farhan Akhtar’s character, Aziz Ali, reportedly falls in love with Dr. Pooja Shah, played by Mrunal Thakur. Disgruntled netizens took to Twitter and claimed ‘Toofaan’ is against our culture. Many even said that web series insult Hindu traditions.