Kangana Renaut calls on Modi to reveal ‘virat roop of 2000s’

Date: 4 May 2021

Twitter permanently suspended actor Kangana Ranaut’s account for repeated violations of rules, specifically its “Hateful Conduct and Abusive Behaviour policy”, the microblogging site said in a statement. Ranaut, known for her often inflammatory tweets, posted several messages following the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress’s win over the BJP in West Bengal and incidents of post-poll violence. Calling for President’s Rule in the state, she also blamed Banerjee for the violence and called her unpublishable names. Ranaut had called on Narendra Modi to “kill gundai” in West Bengal by “showing your Virat roop from 2000’s (sic)”. Writer-lyricist Hussain Haidry had shared two tweets of the actor and urged people to report the account. “If you are a blue tick account or with large following, I am not asking you to speak up against this. But please just quietly REPORT these two tweets. This is calling for mass violence. And directing it at Muslims,” he wrote.






Man Accused in Bulandshahr Communal Violence Wins Panchayat Poll in UP

Date: 4 May 2021

One of the men accused of orchestrating the communal violence in Bulandshahr in 2018, in which police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was killed, has reportedly won a seat in the Uttar Pradesh panchayat elections. According to the Indian Express, Yogesh Raj was arrested in the case and has been out on bail since 2019. He won the panchayat elections to Ward 5, Bulandshahr. “In the past, I have been associated with many social service organisations. There are several issues which can only be resolved with political will. These include issues of disabled people, widows and even farmers. I am thankful to the people for electing me,” the newspaper quoted Raj as saying. Speaking of his role in the violence, Raj said he was accused of “violence and not murder”. “Two people died in the riots and my sympathies are with them.” According to the police chargesheet in the case, Raj had made several phone calls to other accused in the case before the violence broke out. On December 28, 2018, a mob gathered to protest against an alleged incident of cow slaughter in Bulandshahr, a town in the western Uttar Pradesh’s sugarcane belt, and then turned violent. 






Fake News and Communal Incitement Add Fuel to Post-Poll Fire in West Bengal

Date: 5 May 2021

After the victory of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal assembly elections, social media platforms were packed with pictures and videos of the post-poll violence in West Bengal. More than 14 people were reportedly killed and all the political parties in the state including the Trinamool Congress (TMC) claimed that their cadres had been attacked. Although the Left and Congress party members also alleged retributive violence against their cadres by workers of the victorious TMC, the BJP was desperately trying to communalise this political violence by blaming it on Muslims and ‘infiltrators’. Many BJP supporters, leaders and pro-BJP journalists shared misleading posts, unverifiable pictures and inflammatory rumours with a communal slant. There was a stark contrast between the reactions of the BJP leaders and the leaders of the other parties. Kailash Vijayvargiya, the national general secretary of the BJP, shared a video with the caption, “TMC Muslim goons are attacking women BJP workers.” It has received several lakh views and has been shared by many BJP leaders and right wing social media handles, such as Kreately. It is not feasible to ascertain the religious identity of the men by just watching the video. It was also not clear why the alleged BJP workers were fighting among each other or why the alleged TMC worker was trying to separate them. A poster of Mamata Banerjee with superimposed visuals of arson and unrelated old pictures of Muslim men in skull caps was also being shared. Alt News founder Pratik Sinha pointed out that the two pictures had nothing to do with the recent violence. Misleading pictures from 2019 were shared as images of recent post-poll violence in West Bengal with communal and inflammatory captions. While the BJP IT cell shares a viral video of Muslim BJP supporters being attacked by members of the TMC, BJP leaders and supporters insist that this is a targeted attack against Hindus. Many have called it the ‘second direct action day’, including BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi and Republic Bharat anchor Pradeep Bhandari. Sudarshan TV’s editor Suresh Chavhanke broadcasted a communal show blaming the violence on Muslims. “For the past 16 years, Bengal has slowly turned into Bangladesh. It’s worse than Kashmir, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It’s Baghdadi’s Baghdad. The only difference is that here we have a ‘Bagh deedi’ (MAMATA),” Chavhanke  said.






Cow vigilantes attack men over oxen in Jammu

Date: 9 May 2021

Cow vigilantes grievously injured two men from the tribal Gujjar community in Jammu, with a tribal activist saying such attacks have been common in the region through the Covid outbreak and lockdowns. The allegedly stick-and-knife-wielding attackers posted a video of the violence, prompting police to lodge a case and make a few arrests. Mohammad Sidiq and Amir Hussain, who are cousins, were returning home after buying a pair of oxen when they were attacked in the Garkote area of Jammu. They have been admitted to hospital with multiple injuries to their heads and faces. In the video, the fear-stricken youths are seen bleeding from the head, face, mouth and ear. One of the several stick-wielding men in the images, their faces not visible, is heard screaming to another to shoot a video.