Fake Video Shows Muslim Man Spitting On Bread To Spread Coronavirus

Date: 6 April 2020

Category: Hate speech

A six-month old video from Philippines showing a deliveryman removing slices of bread from packets stacked in a vehicle and later re-sealing them, was shared online with a false and communal caption claiming a Muslim man was trying to spread the novel Coronavirus by spitting on the slices. The one-minute long video has a Hindi caption claiming 'These Jihadis opened bread packets and spat on them. They are not leaving any stones unturned in spreading Corona. How long will you be safe'. The man removes the twist cable used to seal the bread packet and places it between his teeth before sealing the packets again with the same cable. This action has been misconstrued as the man spitting on the bread slices. BOOM came across a report on Philnews.PH which said that the video was recorded in Philippines on September 20 last year. The report further said that a deliveryman of Gardenia Bakeries was caught on the camera while tampering with bread packets. The report claimed that the deliveryman was 'stealing slices of breads from the packets'. BOOM also came across other reports about the incident. 






Sudarshan News communalises clash between Muslim groups

Date: 1 April 2021

Category: Hate speech

A fight that broke out between two groups was reported by Sudarshan News as Muslims attacking and chasing ‘secularists’ with sticks for offering chadar at Jaspur dargah in Uttarakhand. Sudarshan News editor-in-chief Suresh Chavhanke posted a tweet sneering at Hindus who offered chadar at the dargah. “For the first time in my life, I want to thank peacefuls,” he wrote. The word ‘peacefuls’ is social media terminology to deride the Muslim community. BJP MP Janardhan Mishra, BJP UP leader Sanjay Rai and supporters of the party – Prashant Patel Umrao, Abhishek Kumar Kushwaha, Dipti Singh and Pinku Shukla – amplified the claim. An imposter account @ThePushpendra_ in the name of journalist Pushpendra Kulshreshtha also claimed Hindus were chased and beaten for offering chadar in Jaspur dargah. Udham Singh Nagar police posted a reply below Sudarshan News’s tweet that said, “Kindly do not post rumours and false messages on social media”. The police also added a screenshot of its longer statement on Facebook. It said that violence broke out between two groups on March 29 in Kalu Sidh Mazar, Patrampur, Jaspur in Uttarakhand’s Udham Singh Nagar district. A scuffle broke out between Amjad Ali and Abdul Hamid on the issue of donations and construction. FIR number 69/2021 was filed under multiple IPC sections based on statements of both parties. “A few people on social media are circulating the fictitious and false claim that Hindus were chased and beaten for offering chadar. But both groups hailed from the Muslim community,” the police statement said.








Two Muslim men attacked for transporting cattle

Date: 2 April 2021

Category: Hate violence

Police in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka arrested five people after two men were waylaid by a group of cow vigilantes over the suspicion that they were transporting cattle. However, there was no cattle found in the vehicle the two men were travelling in. The incident took place in Melanthabettu in Belthangady in the district at night when Abdul Rahim and Muhammad Mustafa were travelling in a pick-up truck. When the duo reached the Melanthabettu gram panchayat, they were stopped by men on two bikes. After the vehicle was stopped, another car arrived with more men who attacked Abdul and Muhammad with clubs and threatened to end their life.  The police arrested Rajesh Bhat, a candidate in the gram panchayat elections in 2020, along with his brother Rakesh Bhat, Guruprasad, Lokesh and Chidananda. "Rajesh Bhat contested the Gram Panchayat elections against a rival Sharief and Rajesh lost the elections. A group of men connected to Rajesh stopped the vehicle and assaulted the two men. There was no cattle found in this vehicle but Rajesh suspected that Sharief was transporting five cattle that night," a senior police official said.