Temple board in Kerala bans entry of Muslims 

Date: 16 April 2021

Category: Discrimination

A board put up at the Malliyott Palott temple in Kunhimangalam, Kerala specifically banning Muslims from entering the temple premises during festival season was widely circulated on social media, receiving much criticism. The board was reportedly put up as part of the ‘Vishu Vilakk’ festivities at the temple. According to a local resident, the board has been put up every year for a long time. It is only applicable for the five days during the festival, the resident said. Despite the criticism, temple administration reportedly refused to remove the board. The anti-caste organization Bhim Army registered a complaint with the chief of Kerala Police.







Sudarshan TV Incorrectly Claims Muslim Ijtema Behind Bulandshahr Stir

Date: 4 December 2018

Category: Hate speech

“In the unrest following the Bulandshahr Ijtema, children are stuck in schools and crying, people are in the forest, they have shut the doors of their homes – residents in live conversation with Sudarshan”- This message was tweeted by Suresh Chavhanke, the editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News. Tablighi Ijtema is a three-day Islamic gathering that took place at Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh from December 1-3. On December 3, a cop was killed after a mob protesting alleged illegal cow slaughter clashed with the police in Siana tehsil of Bulandshahr district. By prefacing the tweet with “बुलंदशहर_इज्तेमा के बवाल” (Unrest after Bulandshahr Ijtema), Sudarshan News suggested that the Ijtema was somehow linked with the violence in which the cop was killed. In fact, Sudarshan News also broadcast a programme on prime-time on December 2. Chavhanke in his tweet on the same day referred to the Ijtema gathering as a ruse for ‘show of strength’. Bulandshahr police clarified via Twitter that the violence which shook the town is not related in any way to the Ijtema gathering. Replying to Chavhanke’s tweet, police appealed not to spread misinformation about the violence.






Four Muslim men killed by CISF personnal during Bengal polling

Date: 14/4/2021

Category: Hate violence

Bloodshed and violence marred the fourth phase of the West Bengal Assembly elections as four Muslim men shot by the CISF died in the Cooch Behar district. According to a Newslaundry report, their families allege that the Kendra Vahini, meaning central forces, shot at villagers lined up to vote at Booth 126, without reason. Newslaundry spoke to five eyewitnesses to the firing, family members and neighbours of the slain men and several other villagers. Their recollections of what happened at Booth 126 during polling in the fourth phase of the Bengal election are consistent. “The media is showing lies” is the common refrain. Booth 126 has just about 900 voters and the majority of them are Muslim. There was no mob that attacked the CISF as media reports had claimed, they alleged. Later, BJP leader Rahul Sinha complained that the CISF should have shot eight, not four, men. CISF claims that they shot in “self defence” afte a mob attacked them. 







Sudarshan News shares old video morphed with slogans calling to kill RSS workers

Date: 7 July 2019

Category: Hate speech

A video shared by Sudarshan News showed a group of people allegedly shouting slogans that roughly translate to “Allahu Akbar, kill the murderers of Tabrez, RSS murdabad, shoot the half-pant guys, the blood of Tabrez will bring a revolution”. The video was retweeted at least 2,700 times. Fact-checking website Alt News  found that it matched a video claimed to be of a Muharram procession in Dehri, Bihar. It was uploaded on YouTube on Nov 17, 2017. Unlike the video posted by Sudarshan News, this video has no incendiary slogans with reference to the lynching of Tabrez Ansari. The only audio that can be heard is a loudspeaker announcement saying “dheere dheere badte rahe… Aapse guzarish hai ke dheere dheere badte rahe (Keep moving, you are requested to keep moving slowly)“. The traditional Moharram chants of “Hassan Hussain” can be heard in the background.






Fake news claims Shah Rukh Khan said he will leave country if Modi became PM

Date: 25 May 2019

Category: Hate speech

An image was doing the rounds on social media with a quote that was attributed to actor Shah Rukh Khan. It claimed that Khan had stated, “I would leave India if Modi becomes the PM of this country.” The text reads, “Shah Rukh Khan, you once said that “I would leave India if Modi becomes the PM of this country.” So Mr Khan, I guess you would be a Man of your words. Show us that you got *****. Share this picture so much that this douche apologises for his words.” A 2014 photoshopped tweet attributed to Shah Rukh Khan gave birth to the claims viral on social media. The tweet (now deleted) was made by a parody Twitter handle @jamsrk. After the fake tweet was widespread, Khan put out a clarification on May 19, 2014, at around 12:30 AM that it wasn’t him who made the statement. Sudarshan News broadcast a show on the fake tweet, and it was anchored by its Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke.






Prank video circulated as Muslim boy tearing up the Indian Flag

Date: 23 August 2018

Category: Hate speech

A video of a boy tearing the Indian flag and saying, “Pakka Musalman hoon” was circulated widely on social media. Suresh Chavhanke, CMD and Editor-in-Chief of Sudarshan News, also tweeted a longer version of the video in which the boy is abused, made to apologise and forced to say “Pakka Hindu hoon”. The tweet received more than 1200 retweets and more than 2200 ‘likes’. This incident is from Surat, Gujarat. An article published by The Times of India on August 20, 2018, stated, “A young boy, who claimed to be from a minority community, is seen tearing a paper tricolor in the video. Police traced the boy and another teenager from Amroli and called them to police station along with their family members.” In a statement given to Alt News, G.A. Patel, Police Inspector, Amroli police station(Surat) clarified, “Both the teenagers are friends and belong to the Hindu community. The boys have also apologised for acting childishly.” Two boys from the Hindu community, as part of a prank, made a video of themselves tearing the Indian flag and proclaimed that they are from the Muslim community.






Notice to TV channel on report referring to Bawana locals as 'Rohingyas, Bangladeshis'

Date: 3 June 2018

Category: Hate speech

A notice was issued to a TV channel by the Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) for airing a report which allegedly referred to some locals of north Delhi's Bawana area as "Rohingyas" and "Bangladeshis". "The DMC has issued a notice to Sudarshan TV over a report it telecast about the residents of Bawana in north Delhi," its chairman Zafarul Islam Khan said. He said the channel had aired a programme on May 11 that "dubbed" them as Bangladeshis and Rohingyas although these Indian citizens had been officially settled there by government agencies after their relocation from various areas of Delhi over the decades. The managing director of the channel was directed to reply by June 12 with proof to show that the Bawana residents were Bangladeshis and Rohingyas, Khan said.






Sudarshan TV chief use old pictures from Gujarat to allege violence by Rohingya Muslims

Date: 10 September 2017

Category: Hate speech

Suresh Chavhanke, senior editor at Sudarshan News, tweeted – “When Rohingya Muslims were being investigated in Jaipur, a crowd of 25,000 surrounded a police station…” His tweet ended with a #DeportRohingya appeal. Chavhanke later deleted the tweet after multiple users pointed out that the images were from Gujarat. One of the images was of the 2014 Vadodara violence, one was of 2002 Gujarat riots and one was of the 2011 riots in London.






Suresh Chavhanke falsely claims Muslims torched Paris railway station

Date: 29 February 2020

Category: Hate speech

On February 28, 2020, in reference to the Delhi riots, Suresh Chavhanke wrote, “After burning India’s capital, the terrorist community has burnt the French capital as well. #IslamicJihad Now tell did the riots happen because of @KapilMishra_IND’s speech. There is only one solution #EconomicBoycott.” According to media reports, a railway station in Paris, Gare de Lyon, was set ablaze by protesters opposing a concert by Fally Ipupa from the Democratic Republic of Congo.