Two Muslim men accuse police officers of sexual abuse, torture in custody

Date: 1 September 2021

Two Muslim men accused police officers in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur city of torturing and sexually abusing them after they were called in for questioning. The alleged incident occurred on August 26. The men said that at least seven police officers, including the officer in charge of Kadma police station, Manoj Kumar Thakur, were involved in the abuses.

The two men submitted a letter with their complaint to Senior Superintendent of Police, East Singhbhum, M Tamil Vanan. The officer confirmed that he had received their demand for action. Thakur has refuted the allegations, but admitted that the two were summoned for questioning.

The men said that after they were beaten up in the police station, one was asked to lie down on the ground. The police officers allegedly asked the other man to pull off the pants of the one who was on the floor.

“I thought they were asking me to show me his injuries,” one of the men told But the policemen allegedly asked him to have sex with the man who was asked to lie down on the floor.

“I started crying and told them to kill me but do not force me to do this....” the man who was standing up said. “I was told: ‘If you would not do this, he [the other man] would do that to you.’ When I totally refused, I was kicked with boots on my face.”

The policemen also used communal slurs when one of the men told them his full name, according to Maktoob Media. They also claimed that they had been beaten up in custody with sticks and wickets used to play cricket.

“You will make this [country] like Taliban [did in Afghanistan],” a police officer allegedly told the men. “Have you seen the plight of Afghanistan? You will be sent there.”

The Kadma police station house officer told that the two men had been called for interrogation in a case involving elopement of a Muslim man and a Hindu girl.




Zee News anchor says Mughals not Muslims, all Indians were Hindus

Date: 28 August 2021

“Mughals weren’t Muslims. Why do some Indian Muslims glorify the barbaric Mughals? The ancestors of all Indians were Hindus,” Aman Chopra proclaimed on his Zee News show Taal Thok Ke on August 26. Chopra invoked the Taliban to spend his 45-minute show to bash Muslims and the medieval Mughal emperors, and extoll Hindu supremacism. Chopra’s “debate” show was focused on Bollywood director Kabir Khan remarking he found it distressing that instead of relying on historical scholarship to portray Mughals in cinema, filmmakers were fitting them into “preconceived stereotypes” and "villainising" them without so much as an explanation. “Why should Indian Muslims glorify the Mughal rulers?” Chopra demanded to know. “Why should Mughal devils be called great?”

He promoted the show with the hashtag “Talibani Mughals”, which was picked up by ideological fellow travellers on Twitter. “It has been coded in our DNA not to speak against the Mughals or people might think we are speaking ill of Muslims,” he said during the show.

“Everyone's DNA is the same, the cultures and rituals may differ but in the end it's all Hindutva. Muslims might not even know their ancestors were probably forcibly converted from Hinduism by the Mughals. Yet, today they are glorifying the Mughals,” he said in response to a guest on the show. 




Sudarshan News adds false communal spin to UP incident where man was attacked

Date: 30 August 2021

On August 26, a video of four men mercilessly thrashing a man was shared on social media. A Twitter user posted the video and wrote, “Raju was beaten mercilessly by Tahir and his gang in a broad daylight in Ghaziabad.[sic]” A day later, Sudarshan News tweeted a report with the headline ‘Goon named Javedi Ali beat two Hindu friends in a crowded the market, the administration is silent! Are Hindus safe in India?’ and tagged Ghaziabad and UP police. Sudarshan News claimed in its report that Tahir masterminded the attack.

On August 26, Dainik Bhaskar journalist Sachin Gupta tweeted the video and wrote in Hindi, “In a town named Khoda in UP’s Ghaziabad, a boy named Raju was beaten up on the road by murder accused Tahir, who is out on parole, and his associates to gain dominance. Two accused Vikas/Saurabh are arrested.”

The FIR doesn’t mention an accused named ‘Javedi Ali’. 

A day prior to Sudarshan News’ report, Ghaziabad police posted a statement by Superintendent of Police (SP) Trans Hindon. The SP stated that the incident took place at Khoda region on August 19 around 7 pm. “Rajnish Kumar Jha of local NGO, Samajik Sangathan Sangharsh Sewa, was thrashed by Saurav, Vicky, Tahir, and Roshan and some unknown people at his office. The office was vandalised and they also fought with staff member Hritik and stole his phone,” he said and added Vikas and Saurav were arrested.

Madhur Shyam, SSI Khoda, said on August 28, “This was an ordinary fight and two people have been arrested. The court case is pending and more people are yet to be arrested. There is no communal angle to this.”




New JNU course calls Islamic Jihadi terrorism the only form of religious terrorism

Date: 30 August 2021

“Jihadi terrorism” is the only form of “fundamentalist-religious terrorism”, and Communist regimes in the erstwhile Soviet Union and China were the “predominant state-sponsors of terrorism” that influenced “radical Islamic states”. These were some of the key assertions in a new course on counter-terrorism for engineering students pursuing a dual degree programme at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

The optional course, titled ‘Counter Terrorism, Asymmetric Conflicts and Strategies for Cooperation among Major Powers’, was cleared during a meeting on August 17 of the university’s Academic Council. The JNU Teacher’s Association has alleged that no discussion was allowed in the meeting in which the course was passed.

The course will be offered to students pursuing an MS with specialisation in International Relations after a BTech in Engineering — online classes for the monsoon semester start on September 20.

The Council is the university’s highest decision-making body for academic programmes. Its clearance for the course will have to be endorsed by the Executive Council, which decides on management and administrative issues, as part of procedure.

One of the new course’s modules, titled ‘Fundamentalist-religious Terrorism and its Impact’, states: “Fundamentalist – religious inspired terrorism has played a very critical and dominant role in the spawning of terrorist violence in the beginning of the 21st century. The perverse interpretation of the Koran has resulted in the rapid proliferation of a jihadi cultist violence that glorifies death by terror in suicidal and homicidal variants.”

It states: “The exploitation of the cyberspace by the radical Islamic religious clerics has resulted in the electronic propagation of jihadi terrorism world over. Online electronic dissemination of Jihadi terrorism has resulted in the spurt of violence in non-Islamic societies that are secular and are now increasingly vulnerable to the violence that (is) on the increase.”