Rename Deoband as Devvrand, says Bajrang Dal

Date: 20 August 2021

After the demand for renaming Aligarh as Harigarh and Mainpuri as Mayan Nagar, right wing activists sought renaming of Deoband, home to a renowned Islamic seminary, as Devvrand.

The West Uttar Pradesh unit of the Bajrang Dal has sent a letter in this regard to UP Urban Development Minister Ashutosh Tandon.

Bajrang Dal convenor for west Uttar Pradesh, Vikas Tyagi, said that Deoband was earlier identified with Mata Bala Sundari Devi temple and not with the Islamic seminary.

"During Mahabharat, the Pandavs spent their years in exile here. The UP government is removing the names of Mughal significance and Deoband should be now known as Devvrand," said Tyagi.

Earlier in 2017, BJP MLA Brijesh Singh, had made a similar demand. He said that places like Rankhandi Jakhwala and Jadoda Panda bear testimony to Deoband's historical connections with Hindu mythology.




Mob runs riots after murder, lynches suspect’s wife

Date: 21 June 2021

Tension prevailed in Adharpur area of Samastipur district where a mob ran riot after murder of a 30-year-old man and lynched the suspect’s wife and torched their vehicles and property.

According to the local police in Samastipur, Munawwar Khatoon was beaten to death by a mob after her husband Hasnain Khan, the deputy head of the village panchayat, shot dead his neighbour, 30-year-old Shrawan Kumar Rai, over a petty dispute. Both Khan and Rai were once partners in a property business but are said to have developed differences later.

Angry over the killing, a mob attacked Khan’s house, first thrashing the male members followed by the women when they resisted them. "Hundreds of people shouting for revenge surrounded our house; they forcibly entered it, abused and misbehaved with our mother. After that they drove her out of the house, tore her clothes and started beating her despite the repeated requests she made with folded hands, saying that she was innocent. The mob beat her till she died near Shrawan’s house. They also lynched our cousin Md. Anwar at the same place,” alleged Nusrat Paerween, one of the victim's daughters.

She added that after her mother and cousin were lynched, a mob set fire to their house, vehicles and their shop, all of which were badly burnt.The mob also allegedly looted valuables, including cash, jewellery and other items.

An FIR was lodged in the case but the police had failed to arrest the accused even after three weeks. 

According to Siasat Daily, there are only seven houses of Muslims in the locality of Adharpur, mostly close relatives of Hasnain. As the news of the killing of Sarwan spread, people started gathering from the village and by 10 o’clock, a huge crowd of outsiders with saffron gamchas around necks had poured in and around the spot of occurrence from all around chanting communal and provocative slogans against Muslims.

It was reported that the crowd started indiscriminate attacks on all the houses of Muslims. Sanowar Khatun, 45 years, the wife of Hasnain was forcibly pulled out from her house caught by hair. She was stripped of all her clothes and nudely paraded in public. The woman was thereafter taken to an enclosure and repeatedly was sunk with her head into the water. Eyewitnesses reveal that she was heavenly tortured till her death. The mob continued the violence for the whole of the day without any intervention from the Police and before evening the indoctrinated goons had set fire to, looted and razed to ground all seven houses of Muslims killing a woman and man and grievously injuring a senior citizen.




Called out for Islamophobia, prominent Hyderabad doc abuses Twitter users

Date: 2 September 2021

The chairman of Jubilee Hospital group, Dr. M Nagi Reddy, was found verbally abusing a few people on Twitter who questioned and called out his Islamophobia. It all started with a BJP supporter posting a video claiming that there is a “monopoly” of Muslims in the fruit-vegetable market in Hyderabad. 

Dr. M Nagi Reddy, the chairman of Jubilee Hospital group, then quite re-tweeted the post saying “Perfect Need to discuss this subject at length, where is the criminality? in the Mafia business? Or with the responsible citizen who has brought it to the center stage for discussion?” in defense of the right-wing troll, Usha Nirmala. 

Subsequently, he got called out by netizens for supporting a type of propaganda video, the likes of which have led to lynchings in the past.  

A medical research scientist, Asif, called out Dr Reddy and said “Education has no meaning whatsoever. He is the chairman of Jubilee Hospital Hyderabad.”

Replying to Asif, Dr. Reddy spewed some hateful remarks, which he later deleted when he started getting a lot of attention.

Dr. Reddy also kept bringing up Afghanistan, which is the latest addition to the long list of hateful dog whistles using by the right wing against Muslims.

When Asif asked Dr. Reddy to behave respectfully, he replied saying that “Respect, lynching, freedom, aazadi, we have to learn from Afghanistan, nothing like India.” 

another Twitter user Navendu Singh remarked that he always believed that science would “open up the minds of people and would make them look at the bigger picture”. 

Dr. Reddy then replied, “I am not Afghanistan type of science.”

 In a tweet, which he later deleted, threatening and asking for the address of Asif and Nandu, he said “teri g**d me dalne ke waste hi re b**k. Dam hi to address bate. Phir bol b**k.” (to put in your butt, if you have guts, tell me your address, then talk.)




Madrasas imparting Taliban education, says BJP leader

Date: 31 August 2021

BJP national general secretary C.T. Ravi said that education imparted in madrasas will encourage students to join terrorist ranks “Muslim students studying in madrasas will become Taliban,” Ravi said.

Addressing a press conference in Kalaburagi, Mr. Ravi said that madrasas were mushrooming in every part of the country and are providing misconceived religious education. The BJP leader also said that the Congress indulged in minority appeasement politics. He criticised the way the Congress leaders were appeasing particular communities and cautioned that a day is not far when India will face an Afghanistan-like situation.

“So when the question is about national integrity and interest, we cannot take a decision under the burden of one’s ideology to appease a particular community. Any party’s ideology should be seen standing with and not against the nation in matters of national interest. And, the Congress lacks such ideology towards the nation,” he said.




Row over Hijab demo: Bajrang Dal charges conversion bid

Date: 5 September 2021

 The Bajrang Dal filed a complaint with police, accusing a group of young Muslim women of attempting to convert Hindu women following a verbal duel between a group of men and a group of 55 young Muslim women, who were showing some non-Muslim women how to wear hijab on the occasion of World Hijab Day in Nagpur’s Civil Lines area.

The city’s top police officer said no offence has been registered.

“The Muslim girls were accompanied by some men, who were standing near vehicles they had parked. When a group of men confronted the girls, the men accompanying the girls fled on the vehicles,” the Bajrang Dal alleged in its complaint.

When contacted, Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar said, “There was no use of force by the Muslim girls’ group, and girls receiving the demo had no problem with it. No offence has been registered in this connection.”

Bajrang Dal called it an “attempt to Talibanise” and warned that they are capable of taking “care” of the miscreants if the police did not take action. 

A video of the incident that has emerged on social media shows the group of Muslim women being confronted by a group of men, who can be heard purportedly asking them why they were demonstrating wearing hijab, and remarking that they would next get “get them (non-Muslim women) married, too”. The video shows the women saying, repeatedly, “Ask the girls if we were forcing them to do it.”

The non-Muslim women, the video shows, were purportedly trying to explain that they were looking at the demo on their own, and that no one had forced them.

The video shows the men thereafter purportedly telling the non-Muslim women that their parents would not approve of it, on which the latter replied, “They won’t have any problem. Please leave it. It’s no big deal.”




Edited Video Shared With Inflammatory Narrative That Muslim Mob Lynched A Man

Date: 04 September 2021

A video was shared on social media claiming that a Muslim mob slaughtered a Hindu man in Delhi. The 50-second-long video is divided into two parts. The first part shows a group of people in skull caps dragging a man from his motorcycle after an argument. And the second part shows a gruesome slaughter of a man whose hands are tied back and his mouth is gagged. The video is shared with a Hindi caption on social media. It reads, “If still, someone has got the ghost of secularism, then look at it carefully. It is the incident in Delhi. Where the number of peacekeepers is more, that's how Hindus cut there.” The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the claim and found it to be false. The first part of the video carries a logo of Sudarshan News, whereas the second part doesn't have one. The video seems edited and is made by mixing footage of two different incidents.

According to Jagran, the incident occurred in the Sikri village of Bhopa, Muzzaffarnagar, where an electric lineman identified as Anuj was assaulted. The report mentions that under serious sections, a case was registered against eight accused.

In May 2021, the same video went viral, linking it to the incidents of post-poll violence in West Bengal. At that time, the Muzzafarnagar police clarified on Twitter that the video belongs to Muzzafarnagar, and the case is under investigation by Bhopa police station.

A Google reverse image search using different keyframes from the video leads to news reports of February 2018 that covered the incident in Venezuela where a gang called 'Megabandas' murdered a boy. According to Daily Mail, a 13-year-old boy became a victim of a criminal gang formed out of the overcrowded, unregulated prison system which specialises in kidnapping, extortion and targeted killings.

To sum up, footage of different incidents was edited together to form a video and was circulated with an inflammatory narrative on social media. The first part of the video is of an incident in Uttar Pradesh in May 2021 and the second part carries footage from a gruesome murder in Venezuela in February 2018.