Gujarat is Strictly Dealing With Love Jihad: Vijay Rupani

Date: 11 September 2021

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that his government was dealing strictly with those who "trap" Hindu girls and incidents of cow slaughter, according to an NDTV report. At the ground-breaking ceremony for a building of the Raika Education Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad, the Chief Minister said that his government had brought in several laws with strict provisions to deal with these issues. "My government brought in several laws with strict provisions. Be it the law to save cows from slaughter, the law to stop land grabbing, or the law to punish those involved in chain-snatching. We also brought a law to stop 'love jihad'. We are dealing strictly with those who trap Hindu girls and elope with them.




Kerala bishop claims Muslims have launched ‘narcotics jihad’

Date: 10 September 2021

“Narcotic jihad is the activity of spoiling the life of non-Muslims, particularly youths, by making them addicted to drugs,” Joseph Kallarangatt, a bishop of the Palai diocese of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church said during a sermon on 8 September. “Various types of drugs are being used in ice-cream parlours, hotels and juice corners run by hardcore jihadis. They are using various types of drugs as a weapon to spoil non-Muslims.”

Speaking at Marth Mariam Pilgrim Church in Kottayam district, Kallarangatt also made a reference to “love jihad” – a conspiracy theory that had so far widely been espoused by Hindutva activists. They allege that through “love jihad”, Hindu women are forcibly converted by Muslims through marriage.

In February 2019, the Centre had told the Lok Sabha that no case of “love jihad” had been reported by any of the central agencies.

Despite this, Kallarangatt claimed that the youth in Kerala were facing an unprecedented crisis due to “love jihad” and “narcotic jihad”.

The bishop claimed that many people have lost their jobs and left studies after becoming drug addicts due to “narcotic jihad”. He also alleged that “jihadis” were using “other weapons” as they cannot destroy non-Muslim communities by using arms in a democratic country like India.

“When the agenda is spreading religion and eradication of non-Muslims, the ways for attaining that agenda get manifested in different manners,” the bishop said.

Catholic organisations, Church mouthpiece ‘Deepika’ and many fellow bishops endorsed the statement.

In a statement, the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) said the bishop’s words were not aimed at any community and he was sharing the community’s concerns. It should not be made controversial and should instead be debated with seriousness, it said.

Minister of State for External Affairs and senior BJP leader V Muraleedharan said Kallarangatt is being targeted for having uttered an “unpleasant truth”. He said: “The bishop has not insulted any community. He has raised the concerns of Christian community in Kerala. Don’t think that the bishop can be silenced by attacking him. Those who target the bishop should realize that the situation has changed much since the chopping of the palm of a college professor (on charges of blasphemy). Only a subdued protest was seen then.”