Around 800 families evicted in Assam, two protesters killed in firing

Date: 23 September 2021

Nearly 5,000 people including children and elderly persons were forced to live under the open sky in Assam's Darrang district since they were evicted from government land by the local administration. Two persons were killed and at least nine policemen sustained injuries when a large mob clashed with police while they were trying to evict the families. The dead were  identified as Saddam Hussain and Sheikh Farid. An assistant sub inspector was hospitalized. Nearly 800 "immigrant" Muslim families were evicted from Dholpur (Number 1, 2 and 3) under Sipajhar revenue circle, about 60 kilometres from here on Monday as part of the BJP-led Assam government's drive to clear "illegal encroachers" from government land. This was the second round of evictions carried out in the last three months at the village – Dhalpur – which is populated mostly by Muslims of East Bengal origin. Photos and video clips surfaced on social media showing evicted families taking shelter under makeshift sheds to protect themselves from a heavy bout of rain after their dwellings were demolished. The drive was carried out while the state government still has multiple pandemic-related restrictions in place.  In its cabinet memorandum, the Assam government had said that despite having potential, the land had underutilised. The BJP government had allocated Rs 9.6 crore for agriculture and allied activities for utilisation and development of the land in the area, a claim which locals dismissed as political “exhibition to appease the anti-Muslim majoritarian nationalists.”

The site of the government’s project is known as surface land; the land finds itself in the middle of river streams and is flanked by the Brahmaputra and its tributary Nanoi river on either side.

Saddam Hussain, a social activist from Kira Kara village, whose family is also facing evictions,  said: “The government wants to implement the project in the middle of the river on land which remains submerged for seven to eight months in a year. Neither ponds to rear local fish, nor cow sheds will survive the gushing flood waters and silt deposits. The project itself is not feasible in the first place, so spending such a huge amount of public money is a complete waste and irrational.”




Asaduddin Owaisi’s Delhi residence vandalised

Date: 22 September 2021

Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s official residence in New Delhi’s high-security Ashoka Road area was vandalised by a group of Hindu Sena men who damaged the door and windows, broke the nameplate, hurled an axe at the house and called the Parliamentarian a “jihadi”.

Five men were arrested from the scene, police said.

“We picked them up from the spot and they claimed during initial questioning that they were agitated with his (Owaisi’s) comments. We are questioning them further,” DCP (New Delhi district) Deepak Yadav told The Indian Express.

All five men are residents of Northeast Delhi’s Mandoli area, Yadav said.




Two men thrashed by cow vigilantes  in Mathura

Date: 23 September 2021

Two Muslim men, identified as Ayub and Mausim, were thrashed cow vigilantes in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday for carrying meat.

The attack was live-streamed on Facebook by the Hindu nationalist group.

Recently Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath imposed a complete ban on the sale of liquor and meat in Mathura.

The driver of the vehicle, Bahadur, was spared in the complaint by the vigilante group, Gau Rakshak Dal, due to his Hindu identity. But police detained him along with the other two.

The 16-minute video streamed online shows, Hindu men kicking and abusing the Muslim men, who are pleading with the vigilante groups to stop thrashing them.

The group leader claimed they got a tip-off and followed the vehicle from Yamuna expressway and stopped them at Mahavir Colony. The assailants handed over the Muslim men to the police.

“Ayub runs a meat shop in Raya town and was transporting meat to his shop,” a Muslim leader told Times of India.

All three men are arrested for “defiling place of worship” and “cow slaughter”. The meat seized from the men is sent for testing.




Assam photographer in video stomps on man shot by police

Date: 24 September 2021

A video of a photographer stomping and attacking the body of a man shot by the police in the northeastern state of Assam went viral in India, triggering uproar and protests.

In the video, a man is seen running with a stick towards a group of policemen in riot gear, holding firearms, in Sipajhar village in Assam’s Darrang district.

The photographer, identified as Bijoy Bania, is also seen with the policemen, who immediately open fire on the charging man.

As soon as he falls to the ground after being shot, nearly a dozen policemen continue to attack him with batons.

As the wounded man, identified by the police as Moinul Haque, lies on the ground – a red stain on his vest marking the area where he was shot – Bania approaches the body and begins to stomp on it.

The photographer, his face covered and a camera slung around his neck, also punches and kicks the body before he is taken away by the policemen.

Seconds later, Bania returns to repeat his attack. This time, Haque’s body appears to be lifeless.

Towards the end of the 72-second video, Bania is seen being hugged by a person in civilian clothes present at the spot.

Media reports said Bania was arrested late on the same and a judicial inquiry into the incident, in which at least one more person died, has been ordered by the state government.




Muslim Woman in Custody for Minor Alleged Offence Accuses Police Officer of Brutality

Date: 20 september 2021’

A 37-year-old physically challenged Muslim woman from Northeast Delhi alleged that she was brutally beaten in custody by Girish Jain, the station house officer (SHO) of Dayalpur police station, after she intervened in a heated argument between her neighbours and her tenant on August 30, 2021.

Hamida Idrisi filed a complaint on September 3 against SHO Girish Jain at the Seelampur office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Northeast Delhi, demanding strict action against the officer for inflicting “physical and sexual brutality” on her.

A copy of the complaint was sent to the Delhi Commissioner of Police, the Delhi Human Rights Commission and the Delhi Minorities Commission.

Idrisi was born with no movement in one leg.

Hamida and her husband Mumtaz who are partially disabled own a house in Nehru Vihar, Karawal Nagar, Northeast Delhi and according to the news portal, she was detained after a petty tiff between her neighbour and tenant on 30 August, snowballed into a scuffle.

“On the same day (30 August) at around 8 PM, SHO Dayalpur police station along with other policemen came inquiring about me and asked me to produce the verification form and agreement of our tenant. I had an 11-month agreement which I produced before them. Then they asked me to accompany them to my tenant’s house, to which I said the address is mentioned in the agreement, I cannot go since my husband is not at home and my children are alone,” Hamida told The Cognate.

Minutes later, she was forcefully dragged into a jeep and taken to the police station for “inquiry.”

“They then took me to the police station, where one constable forced me into a small dark room, tied my hands and the SHO then thrashed my thighs and back with a green colored plastic hose. He hurled abuses on me and beat me up brutally. I couldn’t move properly for the next two weeks,” Hamida shared the ordeal.

There were around 5 policemen, of which 2 were in civil clothes and three were in uniform, there was no lady constable with them, according to The Cognate.


Hamida also accused Girish Jain of threatening her to remain silent about the brutal treatment. It was 2 AM when her husband’s brother got her out on bail.




Elderly Man Beaten To Death by Neighbours in Bihar Village

Date: 23 Septembr 2021

A group of men and women allegedly beat to death a 65-year-old  Muslim ma following an argument in Madhepura distict of Bihar, his family said.

Yogendra Kumar, Superintendent of police Madhepura told Clarion India that a case of murder has been registered against nine people in which five people, including four women have been arrested so far. He, however, added that the police are waiting for a post-mortem report to ascertain the cause of death.

A complaint filed by Suber Alam, son of the deceased Mohammad Akbar, says that group of women who live in the house of their neighbour Raja Kumar Bhagat fatally thrashed his father.

The complaint identifies the accused as Raja Bhagat, Ajay Kumar Bhagat, Mansi Devi, Bhola Bhagat, Manoj Kumar Paswan, and a group of women.

The attack is said to have been sparked after Akbar asked the women why they threw trash and bottles of liquor on him while he passes by the house to go to the mosque for prayers.

“They first pushed my father  down and then kicked him so much that he died,” Alam wrote in the complaint. By the time his family and villagers reached the spot the attackers had fled. “We took him to a nearby health centre where doctors declared him dead on arrival.”