Police Arrest Muslim Man Who Helped Elderly Victim

Date: 16 June 2021

Ruling out “any communal angle,” Ghaziabad police arrested the Muslim man who said he had rushed to help 72-year-old Abdul Samad when he was attacked by a group – as reportedly seen in a video that has gone viral on social media. The video reportedly shows four men beating Samad up, chopping his beard and asking him to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in the Loni area of Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad police have now said there was no communal angle in the incident, but that Sufi Abdul Samad was attacked by six men – Hindus and Muslims – who were unhappy over the amulets he had sold to them. Senior Superintendent of Police Amit Pathak was quoted by PTI as having said the two arrested in connection with the incident have been identified as “Kalloo” and “Adil”. Apart from them, Polly, Arif, Mushahid and Parvesh Gurjar were also involved in the incident, Ghaziabad police said. One of the arrested men, Aadil, had, in fact, claimed to have attempted to rescue Samad from his attackers. Aadil’s brother Mohammad Sajid told the news outlet, “Aadil and his friends received a call informing them that Samad was being assaulted by Pravesh Gujjar [Gurjar] and others. They rushed to the scene to rescue him.” Sajid also reportedly said that Aadil knew Gurjar. Ghaziabad police had earlier arrested Gurjar, who owns the house where the alleged incident took place. “Will he (Aadil) make an elderly Muslim man chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’? It is bizarre,” Sajid said to Maktoob Media. The Ghaziabad police also registered a case against Twitter, Congress leaders Dr Shama Mohammed, Salman Nizami, and Maskoor Usmani, journalists Mohammed Zubair, Rana Ayyub and media outlet The Wire and writer Saba Naqvi over tweets in connection with the assault of an elderly Muslin man.







False news viral about Muslims attempting to grab Adivasi land for namaz, being attacked

Date: 10 June 2021

A post went viral on social media with the claim that in Bihar’s Kishanganj, tribals attacked Muslims with their bow and arrows after the Muslims forcibly tried to occupy their land for Namaz on Eid. Similar claims were made in an article by OpIndia, a right wing website, which read, “The tribals fearing that Muslims had come to occupy their lands attacked them with their traditional weapons of bow and arrow which hit a few people who had come there to offer Namaz.” The Quint reached out to SP Kishanganj, Kumar Ashish who said that the land actually belonged to two Muslim brothers and it had been captured by the Adivasis nearly 40 days back. Ashish added that the tussle had been going on for almost 40 days and the police were trying to solve it amicably, but on the day of Eid, a flag bearing the image of Ram was raised near an Eidgah which was 100 metres away from the tea garden. He added that the Muslims were enraged by this and they started asking Adivasis to vacate their land. According to Ashish the Muslims were 2,000-4,000 in number while the Adivasis were a group of 70-80 people.






Old news of gang crime circulated as Muslim driver who killed 250 passengers

Date:  7 June 2019

A viral post on social media claimed that a Muslim taxi driver had killed nearly 250 people in Meerut in the past four months. The story was reported by portals like India Rag Hindi, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Hindu Existence with a narrative that the passengers this driver killed were “mostly non-Muslims and obviously from Hindu community.” This case which was being reported as a recent event is nearly 12 years old. A simple Google search with the words “Meerut Muslim driver 250 killed” throws up some news articles on the incident which dates as far back as 2007. SP City, Meerut, Akhilesh Narayan Singh, denied any such incident in the past three months. “I can tell you that no such incident has happened in the past three months. It would have been a big case if this would have happened,” Singh added. During our investigation, we also found out a news article published by Times of India on 30 March, 2007 stating that the crime wasn’t carried out by just one person, but a gang of 35 people which was busted for killing nearly 250 people between 2003 and 2007. One of the members of the gang was identified as Salim who had revealed that a group of taxi drivers from Bahraich resorted to killing passengers and robbing them. As per this report, this gang killed nearly 250 people, and doesn’t mention that they killed “Hindu people” as claimed by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.






Jamia shooter posts video justifying lynching of Muslim man

Date: 9 June 2021

Ram Bhagat Gopal, who opened fire at anti-CAA protestors at Jamia Millia University in January 2020, posted a video shot while enroute to a mahapanchayat in Mewat, Uttar Pradesh, held in support of men accused of lynching a Muslim man named Asif Khan in Haryana. In the video, Gopal announced that Asif had been killed by “our Gurjar brothers” because of his mistakes, adding that the “insult” of mothers and sisters will not be tolerated. Even a month later, no action had been taken against the man.






Mewat Lynching: Family In Fear After Hindu Mahapanchayats Support Accused

Date: 8 June 2021

Asif Khan, 27, a resident of Khalilpur Kheda was lynched by Hindu groups on the night of 16 May on his way back home after buying medicines. 14 people were named in the FIR, including the main accused Patwari, Advani, Mahendra and Anup, all associated with BJP or Sangh Parivar. Muslims in the Nuh region of Haryana has flagged that there were calls for mass violence against Muslims in these events. “Their intention is to make us leave from here. They don’t want to see us here. After the mahapanchayat, a mob gathered around the village and we could hear them hurling abuses and raising slogans like  ‘Mulle we will kill you’,  ‘Hindu Unity Zindabad’, ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and also were seen flaunting their swords,” says Hanif. Muslim neighbourhood live in hostility ever since due to the fact they are few in numbers and police show little interest in safeguarding them. Mufeed, a resident of Khalilpur Kheda told Maktoob that on the night of 30 May around 7 vehicles carrying the delinquent mob came at his chowk and started raising slogans. “They were heard saying “goli etni marenge ki goli goli ho jaega” ( we will fire so many bullets that the whole area will be filled with them)” claims Mufeed. Killers of 16-year-old Junaid were also seen speaking at the mahapanchayat.