1.       School student- Girl (hijabi)


Teacher: “Go sit in the back. Your hijab is blocking everyone’s view”.

[Outside in the corridor]

Students taunt her: “Mulli! Mulli!”

[During the morning assembly]

Principal: “You cannot go on stage like this. You will have to remove your scarf”.

[Girl’s father, with a beard and a cap, comes to pick her up]

Other students: “Haha, Osama’s daughter!”

2.       Office-going youth – Man


Another employee: “Oh, you are Muslim? But you don’t seem like other Muslims.”

Another colleague: “You Muslims have a lot of kids, don’t you?”

[Office Whatsapp group message, visible on his phone]

Message: “Muslims should all be taught a lesson. Oh, not you of course @Muhammed”

[In a bus]

An old man sitting in the same seat, near the window: “Please sit a little bit away from me”.

3.       College student- Woman (hijabi)


Another girl: “How can you wear a hijab? It must be so hot inside!”


Teacher: “You are so lucky that your parents allow you to study. Otherwise, Muslim women are so oppressed.”

Another student: “What is that in your lunchbox? It’s not beef, is it?”

A boy student: “You Muslim girls cover yourself up, and then your men do ‘jihad’ and take away our women.”

4.       A young married couple

[Outside an apartment building]

Agent: “Sorry, they said they don’t rent out to Muslims.”

[The wife sitting with non-Muslim friend/friends and having tea]

One friend (jokingly): “Be careful or he might triple talaq you!”

[In the bus]

Random but friendly woman: “Congrats! So did your parents take your permission before the wedding?”

[The couple entering a restaurant, at the door]

Waiter: “Sorry sir, we don’t serve non-vegetarian”.

5.       Taxi driver with beard and skull cap – older man

Man poking his head inside: “It’s okay, I will wait for another cab.”

[Inside the car]

Friendly young passenger sitting at the back, cheerfully: “So Chacha, how many wives do you have?”

Hindutva goon sitting in the back: “If you people stay quiet, good for you. Or we know exactly what to do with you.”

A mother shushing a young child sitting with her: “Shh! Don’t talk to the driver. He is a Musalmaan!”


6.       Youtube Influencer- Bearded man

[Reading comments under the video ‘Raheem’s Reviews’.]

One viewer: “Giving this video dislike because you are Muslim.”

Another viewer: “These guys are just waiting to blow themselves up so they can get 70 virgins.”


A friend: “Maybe you will get more views if you shave off your beard and not advertise that you are Muslim”

Another friend: “Isn’t technology haram for Muslims? Your people usually go off to Syria to rear goats.”


7.       Researcher – Woman (non-hijabi)

[Inside a seminar hall]

Fellow audience member: “Moderate Muslims like you are okay. But most Muslims support terrorism”.

[Visiting a non-Muslim friend’s grandmother]

Grandmother: “You are so clean. Usually, Muslims are so smelly and dirty”.

[At a party]

Another guest: “You are specializing in temple architecture? Why don’t you specialize in mosques or dargahs?”

Another guest: “Muslims have so many countries. We only have India. Why don’t you leave that to us?”