Social media posts wrongly  claim Islamic prayers sung at Sabarimala

Date: 16 december 2021

A video of a man chanting Islamic prayers among a group of Hindu devotees circulated on social media with the claim that these were visuals from the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. Several devotees also join the man in chanting the prayers.

The caption in Hindi along with the video translates to, “Do not press the button of the red symbol. See what’s happening in an Ayyappa temple. Are the priests and other temple committee members sleeping? Why isn’t anyone opposing this?”

The claim and the video are misleading. The video is not from Sabarimala. Also, this was a cropped version, and in the original video, the man can be heard singing in praise of Lord Ayyappa and Vavar Swami. As per legend, Vavar Swami was a close associate of Lord Ayyappa.



Scripted Video Of Girl Bunking School Viral With Communal Angle


18 december 2021

A video on social media was being shared with a claim that it shows a minor Hindu girl trying to elope with a Muslim man, alluding to the incident as 'Love Jihad'. However, fact checkers found a longer version of the video, which mentioned that it is a scripted one made for "awareness" purpose.

The 5:13 minute video is being shared on social media with the claim in Hindi that reads, "लव जेहाद में नाबालिक हिन्दू लड़कियों को कैसे अकबर बाबर के हरम की ये नाजायज औलादे फँसाते है. ये वीडियो देखो और सबको भेजो." (Translation: How Hindu girls are trapped in the case of love-jihad by Muslims. Watch this video and circulate it.)

A Google reverse image search result will lead to a longer version of the video on YouTube. While the viral video is 5:13 minutes, a version that lasts 5:38 minutes can be found on a YouTube channel named 'Viral Vlog Tube' which had posted the video on 4 December.

The title of the video in Hindi reads, "स्कूल के नाम पे लड़किया कहा चली जाती हैं निवेदन है मां बाप ध्यान रखे" (Translation: Where do girls go in the name of school, request parents to take care of that)

At 5:35 minutes, a disclaimer in the video reads, "This video is fictional work and meant for awareness purpose. And all characters are fictitious. Any harm cause to any person through this video is purely coincidental. (sic)"




Awareness Video on 'Robbery' Shared With a False Communal Spin

Date: 15 november 2021

A video is being shared on social media with a communal spin claiming that robbers disguised as jewellery cleaners, belonging to the Muslim community, robbed a couple off their jewelleries after making them unconscious.

However, we found the video was made only for educational purposes and had no communal angle to it.

One Twitter, a user shared the video along with the text in Hindi that states, "शांतिदूतो का नया कारनामा… आपकी गली में ऐसे टोपी वाले फ़क़ीर घूमते है तो … उसको गली में घुसने न दे..." [Translation: A new feat by peacefuls. If you find these people wearing (skull) caps, don't let them enter the street.]

The term “Peacefuls” is a pejorative reference to Muslims in the context of the oft-made statement that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

A reverse image search on Google result leads to a Facebook video in a page named 'Rock on media'. The 3:04 minute video posted on 10 November had over 11,000 views. The caption along with the video read, "BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ONLINE FRIENDS. Thank you for watching! Please be aware that this page features scripted dramas and parodies as well. These short films are for entertainment & educational purposes only! (sic)"

At the end of the video, the disclaimer read, "This reel life video footage is published only for the purpose of educating the public by making them understand how the real world situations will be. During this video making we have taken real incidents and picturized to educate the public. Characters in the video are entertainment and education purpose only" (sic).




Another Scripted Awareness Video Goes Viral With a False Communal Claim

Date: 14 decembr 2021

A video showing some men spiking a birthday cake and taking two semi-conscious girls inside a house went viral with a communal spin.

According to the claims, the men in the video belong to the Mulsim community who recorded objectionable clips with women after making them unconscious and later use them to blackmail and convert them.

However, the video was a scripted awareness video and the claim going viral with it was not true. Several such scripted videos created for awareness or educational purposes have recently been shared with misleading captions, which tend to give the video a false communal spin demonising the minority community.

The claim with the 2 minute 19 seconds viral video when translated from Hindi reads, "If they (Muslims) are your friends, see how they these anti-national terrorists commit Jihad. They make 'sex clips' by making women unconscious and then turn them into sex slaves, force them to change their religion and more. Wake up, my Hindu 'tigers', before it's too late."

In a clearer and longer version on YouTube, at 3:04 mark in the video, a disclaimer said, "Thank you for watching! Please be aware that this page features scripted dramas and parodies as well. These short films are for educational purposes only."




Despite lower population, six additional assembly seats proposed in Jammu, just one in Kashmir

Date: 21 december 2021

In a controversial move, the delimitation commission constituted by the Narendra Modi government has proposed six additional assembly seats for the Jammu region and only one more seat for Kashmir, triggering widespread criticism from major political forces in the union territory.

Many view the recommendation as an “assault on political centrality and supremacy” of Kashmir in J&K’s politics and “part of the series of measures started by BJP-led government from August 5, 2019 to disempower Kashmiris”. The proposal has raised eyebrows as the population living in the Kashmir Valley is 15 lakh more than Jammu, as per the last census exercise.

Delimitation in J&K has been on the BJP’s agenda since 1995, when the last such exercise was carried out in the erstwhile state.

In its meeting held in New Delhi on Monday (December 20), the commission, constituted by the Union government on March 6, 2020 to redraw the electoral map of J&K, told its associate members – three MPs from the National Conference and two from the BJP – that it has proposed six additional seats for Jammu and one for Kashmir.

“The commission has proposed six seats for Jammu and only one for Kashmir,” Justice (retired) Hasnain Masoodi, the NC MP from Anantnag and associate member of the panel, told The Wire.

He said the commission has asked them (MPs) to respond to the proposal by December 31. “This proposal is unacceptable to us as Kashmir deserves more seats than Jammu as per population,” he said.

The proposal would take the number of assembly seats in Jammu to 43 from existing the 37, and to 47 in Kashmir from 46.

The panel has proposed to increase one seat each in Kathua, Samba, Udhampur, Doda, Kishtwar and Rajouri districts in the Jammu region and Kupwara in the Kashmir Valley.

The Kathua, Samba and Udhampur segments will be Hindu-majority constituencies. As per census figures, Kathua has an 87.61% Hindu population, while Samba and Udhampur have 86.33% and 88.12% population from the community. Kishtwar, Doda and Rajouri districts too have also sizeable Hindu population (between 34% and 45%).




Weekly school holiday in Lakshadweep, where 96% are Muslim, from Friday to Sunday

Date: 22 december 2021

 The Lakshadweep Union territory administration changed the weekly holiday for schools from Friday to Sunday, resulting in protests from the archipelago’s dominant Muslim community. Muslims constitute 96% of the population in Lakshadweep, according to the 2011 census, and Friday has been a holiday for schools for decades.

On Friday, December 17, the Union territory’s education department in an order said school timings and regular activities are “suggested” to be modified to “ensure optimum utilisation of resources and proper engagement of learners and necessary planning of teaching-learning process”.

According to Lakshadweep MP, Mohammad Faizal, Friday was a weekly holiday for schools for the last six decades. “The decision was taken without any discussion with the district panchayat, elected representatives of PTAs. It is a unilateral and unpopular decision; the people of Lakshadweep will not accept it,” TOI quoted Faizal as saying.

Faizal also said that changes would disturb the madrasa system in the islands on Friday mornings.




Muslims only know how to produce children, says UP Minister

Date: 22 decemebr 2021

Uttar Pradesh Minister of Jal Shakti Baldev Singh Aulakh, while speaking to the media, said that “the people of the Muslim community only know how to have children”.

The BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Bilaspur said, “People of Muslim community only eat and drink and produce children… Education, or upliftment of their children was never their priority.”




Hindutva leaders call for Muslim genocide at Haridwar hate conclave

Date: 24 december 2021

Yati Narsinghanand, Hindutva flag bearer and hate-monger, organised a three-day conclave in Hardiwar in Uttarakhand that witnessed calls by Hindutva leaders to attack minorities, particularly Muslims, and their religious spaces. Videos from the three-day ‘Dharma Sansad’ organised on December 17-19 later surfaced on social media, where various personalities spite hate openly against religious minorities with the slogan ‘shastra mev jayte’.

While the administration still waits to decide what action to take against the Hindutva hatemongers, the gathering had speakers like Annapurna Maa, Dharamdas Maharaj from Bihar, Anand Swaroop Maharaj, Sagar Sindhuraj Maharaj, Swami Premanand Maharaj, and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay.

Upadhyay presented India’s Constitution, in saffron colour, to his "Gurudev" Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati. Upadhyay is the one who was earlier involved in organizing a rally in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, where anti-Muslim slogans were chanted.

Annapurna Maa, Mahamandleshwar of Niranjini Akhada and General secretary of Hindu Mahasabha, said: “If you want to finish them off, then kill them... We need 100 soldiers who can kill 20 lakh of them to win this.”

Giving the moto of 'Shastra Mev Jayate' to incite armed violence against Muslims, Narsinghanand said: "Economic boycott won't work. Hindu groups need to update themselves. Swords look good on stage only. This battle will be won by those with better weapons."

Meanwhile, Sagar Sindhuraj Maharaj emphasised, “I keep repeating again and again that instead of buying Rs 5000 mobile but buy Rs 1 lakh rupee weapon. You should at least have sticks and swords.”