Family booked for illegal cow slaughter after they allege police assault

Date: 10 december 2021

Hours after a family alleged that Kaup police have assaulted them by barging into their house for running dairy farming, police have booked people under sections 379, 341, 353, 332, 504, and 149 of IPC and 5, 4, 7 12 of Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Ordinance, 2020.

The accused are Ismail, Abbu Mohammed, Aisamma, Rehana, Johara, Y B C Bava, and others. The incident was reported at Mooluru in Kaup taluk.

Police seized cattle, 10 kilo cattle meat, aluminium vessel, fibre tub, weighing machine, pickup van, and other things from the spot.

The sub-inspector stated in the complaint, “When police visited the spot to prevent the offence, Aisamma, Rehana and Johara, and others prevented us from discharging our duty and started to abuse me in Byari language and they pushed me. The staff Ravindra and jeep driver Jagadish were assaulted. Later, Y B C Bhava, who came to the spot, closed the gate and said not to allow us to go out.

“The said accused were indulged in cattle slaughter by stealing cattle from somewhere else and ferrying it by a pickup vehicle. They prevented us from discharging our duty and assaulted us. Hence, the accused were booked under various sections of IPC and Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Ordinance, 2020,”stated the sub-inspector in the complaint.

Denying allegations of indulging in cow slaughter, Mohammed said the calf is among the head of cattle he has been rearing for over several years and he has been selling milk to people in the locality. “I and my family members are being falsely accused of cow slaughter,” he said, adding that police had been repeatedly raiding his house and had seized four of his vehicles earlier.

He said that some of the family members had been falsely booked recently charging them of cattle theft when the members had gone to fetch one of the cattle which had run away.

Earlier, Association for Protection of Civil Rights Udupi district president Husain Kodibengere alleged that there is an accusation against a police inspector for allegedly assaulting women by entering a house in Mooluru. The superintendent of police should probe this matter and take appropriate measures, he said.

In a release to the media, Husain alleged that accusations have been made against Kaup police for unnecessarily assaulting members of a Muslim family by entering into their house for running dairy farming for the past several years.




Photo of 30-year old JNU student shared as 47-year old student Moinuddin

Date: 20 november 2019

After new regulations regarding a hike in the fee structure of JNU were announced,  JNU students held protests. On social media, several images and videos claiming to be related to the protests were shared. One such photograph went viral with the below message, which claims that the person in the photo is 47-year old Moinuddin who is a student at JNU since 1989.

“That baldy looks like he’s been there for a while.. ₹10 room, free food, generous stipend, condom vending machine.. What else a ‘revolutionary’ want?”

The above claim has been tweeted along with a photograph by a user @chathootti. The message says, “He is 47 year old Moinuddin from Kerala JNU student since 1989.”

The above tweet was retweeted over 5300 times and ‘liked’ over 8500 times. Among those who retweeted it includes RSS thinker and TV panelist Ratan Sharda.

Alt News contacted JNU students and found that the narrative shared along with the photograph is false. The person in the image is indeed a student of JNU, but his name is not Moinuddin but Pankaj Mishra.

Alt News contacted Pankaj Mishra who confirmed that the person in the photograph is him. He said, “My name is Pankaj Mishra and I am from Allahabad. I did my masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in 2016. After that I worked on public health in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. I am currently researching on public health in JNU. I enrolled in 2019. This is a recent photograph.” Mishra told us his age is 30 years and not 47 years, and that the photograph was taken when Zee News reporters had visited JNU, and that Zee News had broadcast reports targeting JNU students, following which the students had then protested.




Karnataka will bring in law against ‘love jihad’: State minister

Date: 13 december 2021

On the sidelines of the Karnataka Assembly session, state Kannada and Culture minister V Sunil Kumar said that the government would bring in a law prohibiting ‘love jihad’ in the days to come. This comes as the BJP government prepares to table the anti-conversion Bill in the Winter Session, which is held at the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belagavi, North Karnataka.

“We had always stated that the BJP government will bring in anti-cow slaughter and anti-conversion laws. We are committed to it. I will go a step ahead and say that in the days to come, we will bring a law against love jihad,” Kumar said.




Katni SP asks to keep a strict vigil on ‘Sikh’, ‘Muslim’ terrorists

Date: 9 december 2021

The superintendent of police of the Katni district of Madhya Pradesh expressed regret over a security circular signed by him asking to keep a strict vigil on “Sikh” and “Muslim” terrorists in the wake of the governor’s visit. The circular was issued for a scheduled visit of Madhya Pradesh governor Mangubhai Patel the next day. 

As per the circular, the governor was expected to arrive at the circuit house in Katni at around 3pm on Tuesday and depart for Jabalpur at 3.30pm the same day. 

The Katni SP issued a number of directions for security arrangements ahead of the governor’s visit as he has been given Z Plus security. It directed comprehensive briefing to the staff at special branch and to recommend sharing the information on the movement of anti-social and criminal elements on urgent basis.

Under the ‘general directions’, the circular relating to the VIP movement read, "Keep a strict vigil on Sikhs, Muslims, JKLF, ULFA, SIMI & LTTE terrorists".

Suni Jain, superintendent of police, Katni, said it was a “clerical error” and that police had no intentions to hurt the sentiments of any community.




Muslims Should Not Offer Friday Prayers in Gurugram's Open Spaces: Haryana CM

Date: 11 december 2021

Haryana chief minister M.L. Khattar announced the withdrawal of an earlier agreement which permitted Muslims to offer Friday prayers on government-allocated land. While announcing the decision, Khattar said that Muslims should not offer Friday prayers in open spaces in Gurugram.

Over the last few weeks, Hindutva activists backed by extremist organisations have been protesting against Muslims praying in designated spaces in Gurugram, fuelling a discussion around the convention that has been going on for years. On several occasions, Muslims had to face threats and bigoted slogans against their faith and community.

Following some low-intensity communal clashes in 2018, the Gurugram administration had allocated government land for Muslims in parts of the city to offer Friday prayers. The government’s move was held as a truce between the two communities. However, in the recent months, right-wing organisations began opposing such a practice and triggered a social media debate on the issue that was soon followed by some Hindutva extremists protesting at various prayer sites.     

While announcing the annulment of the previous agreement, Khattar said that the Gurugram administration would renegotiate with all involved parties to work out an “amicable” resolution to the problem. Until then, he announced, Muslims should offer prayers only in their homes or mosques. 




Muslim Man Killed by Lynch Mob in Bihar For Stealing Cattle

Date: 11 december 2021

A mob in Bihar beat a 50-year-old Muslim man to death on suspicion of stealing cattle in the Araria district, state police said. The incident took place on 8 December in Bhavanipur, a village in the district; however, it came to light only on Friday, 10 December,  after which police registered a complaint against an unknown group of youth. Villagers raised the alarm after they allegedly spotted men stealing buffaloes and bullocks owned by another villager.

"When villagers tried to chase the men, one of them allegedly drew a gun and fired in the air to scare them off. While the other [cattle rustlers] managed to flee, [neighbouring Supaul district resident] Mohammed Siddiqui was caught and beaten by the people with wooden sticks and fists," Nagina Kumar, a local police officer told the news outlet.




Barred from namaz site, Muslims in Gurugram Sec 12 offer Friday prayers in school basement, shop

Date: 19 november 2021

In Sector 12 of Gurugram, Muslims have been offering Friday namaz in a school basement and an empty shop.

Two weeks ago, members of the Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, an association of several Right-wing outfits, along with BJP leaders Kapil Mishra and Suraj Pal Amu, celebrated Govardhan Puja at a namaz site in Gurugram Sector 12A. The group had been protesting against namaz being offered on public land.

After this incident, the district administration stopped Friday prayers at the disputed site. According to reports, the Gurugram district administration later withdrew permission for namaz at eight sites in the city.

Around 50-100 worshippers would offer namaz at the Sector 12A site every Friday. Mohammaz Wazib, a resident who stays behind the disputed land, said they had been offering prayers there for three-four years. “After the incident, we have been offering prayers in the basement of a school,” he added.

Haji Shehzad Khan, the president of Muslim Ekta Manch, told ThePrint, “There are total 19 masjids in Gurugram that are shut. And there are not enough places to offer Friday prayers. Hence, these lands were given to us for Friday prayers.”

Another Gurugram resident, 40-year-old Akshay Yadav, has given his empty shop in Sector12A to workers in the area for Friday prayers.




Anti-namaz protesters park trucks around prayer site


Date: 3 december 2021

Locals and members of right-wing groups who have been attempting to disrupt namaz in Gurgaon over the past weeks resorted to a new tactic Friday, 3 December, parking trucks in the periphery of an area earmarked for prayers in Sector 37.

Ten persons were taken away in buses and detained by police for allegedly attempting to disrupt prayers, which were eventually offered amid sloganeering even as police created a cordon by pushing back the protesters. One person was later arrested.

In the crowd were men who were arrested earlier too for similar protests in Sector 12. The men, who have been spearheading protests against namaz at public places in the city, were also ‘honoured’ at a Govardhan Puja organised by Sanyukta Hindu Sangharsh Samiti recently.

Meanwhile, the Sanyukta Hindu Sangharsh Samiti, which was part of the committee formed by the deputy commissioner last month to identify spots where namaz could be offered, issued an ultimatum to the administration Friday, stating that from next week, they would not allow namaz at a single spot in a public place in the city.




'Goli Maro' Slogan Rings Loud at a Gurgaon Namaz Protest with Kapil Mishra Present

dATE: 6 november 2021

“Goli maro saalon ko, Hindu ke gadaaron ko (Shoot the traitors of Hinduism)” slogan was raised in Sector 12 of Gurugram on Friday, November 5, in a call for violence at a gathering of Hindutva supporters, meant to register protest against Muslims offering namaz in public places on Fridays. 

The protest, which took the form of a Govardhan Puja, was organised by a Hindu organisation called Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti. It saw the participation of BJP leader Kapil Mishra, whose speech in the run-up to Delhi riots – issuing an ‘ultimatum’ to the police to clear anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protesters – is believed to have instigated anti-Muslim violence last year.

The puja/protest comes in the backdrop of Hindutva supporters, Friday after Friday, lodging protests against Muslims in Sector 12 of Gurugram offering namaz in a public place for the past two months. The place where Muslims have been congregating for namaz – on a piece of public land in Sector 12 – had the approval of the administration, but that did not dissuade protestors.

Speaking at the puja/protest, Kapil Mishra referred to protests which took place at Shaheen Bagh last year against the CAA and National Register of Citizens, which had faced threats from Hindutva supporters.

“Nobody has the right to shut down roads. This is not a part of any religion, nor can it be…Will you block the streets in Gurgaon? Will you block streets in Delhi? Blocking streets is not a part of religion, it is to block the country, facilities and the economy,” he told the gathering.

Mishra also said, “In this country, most land belongs to your Waqf Board. Make arrangements for your prayers there.” Since 2018, the Waqf Board has maintained that one of the issues at hand is that many of their sites in Gurugram have faced encroachment, causing difficulties in using the sites for namaz.

He added, “There were no mosques here before. Aren’t they there today? Doesn’t that mean that nobody has stopped them from being built? Nobody was against it, and nobody pushed you back, but if you push us back against the wall…then it’s necessary to give a push back.”

While Mishra’s was among the more sedate speeches, the gathering also paid witness to more extreme statements.

One Amit Hindu led the slogan “Goli maaron salon ko, Hindu ke gadaaron ko (shoot the traitors of Hinduism)”. The previous iteration of this slogan, “Goli maron saalon ko, desh ke gadaron ko (shoot the traitors of the country)” had shot to notoriety ahead of the North-East Delhi communal violence, and has since become a regular feature of anti-Muslim events. <

According to his Facebook profile (which has now been locked), Amit Hindu appears to be close to Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, another Hindutva icon who rose to prominence with his hate speeches. On his Facebook profile, there are a number of photographs where is seen photographed with Narsinghanand.




30 Held for Disrupting Namaz in 6th Straight Week of Such Protests

Date: 29 octoer 2021

Thirty people were detained after they allegedly attempted to disrupt Muslims offering prayers in Gurugram by shouting slogans and holding up placards, in what appears to be the sixth straight week of such protests in the city.

NDTV has reported that many of the protesters were from rightwing Hindutva groups. Sector 12A, which saw the protests on Friday, also saw similar disruptive protests earlier this month, along with Sector 47, where protests during namaz have been taking place for over a month now.

The placards they held read, ‘Gurgaon administration, wake up from your sleep’ as they shouted “band karo”.

“Everything is peaceful here. We have detained people who were here to disrupt namaz. We tried to negotiate with them over the last few weeks (but) have taken swift action today,” Gurugram SDM Anita Chaudhary told NDTV.




Bajrang Dal, locals protest namaz on vacant land in Gurugram

dateL 22 october 2021

Bajrang Dal and local residents held a protest against Friday namaz (prayers performed by Muslims) being offered on a vacant plot of land in Sector 12 of Haryana’s Gurugram.

While namaz was being offered on the privately owned plot of land, protesters could be heard chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ from across the road.

For several weeks, the residents of Sector 47 of Gurugram had been demonstrating against namaz being offered in the open on government-owned land. The protest then spread to a few other places in Gurugram.

The protesters at Sector 47 believe that “mischievous elements” and members of the Rohingya community will “spoil” the environment in the city and have appealed to top police officials to check the identity cards of those offering namaz in the open.

The place where namaz is offered in Sector 47 is one of the 37 sites designated by the administration where prayers can be offered in the open. This was negotiated after consultations with representatives of both communities in 2018. However, the locals claimed that the arrangement was not a permanent one.