CBSE apologises for question on Gujarat riots

Date: 3 december 2021

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued an apology for asking a question involving Gujarat riots in Class XII Term 1 sociology board exam paper on November 11.

The question was: “The unprecedented scale and spread of anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat in 2002 took place under which government?” The MCQ-based paper had four options —Congress, BJP, Democratic and Republican. The board has now apologised for it and called it “inappropriate”. It also promised strict action against those responsible.





Kerala BJP Workers Raise Communal Slogans At March

Date: 2 december 2021

A case was filed and four BJP workers arrested in Kerala's Kannur against some BJP workers for raising objectionable slogans that, according to police, "created communal disharmony". 

Kannur Police's Ilango R confirmed to NDTV, "We have verified that these communal slogans were raised during the march on Wednesday by (some) identifiable BJP workers".  The case was filed "suo moto". 

During the evening march in Kannur's Thalassery, among the slogans raised, was "there won't be any mosques to pray five times." 

Among the sections registered against the accused are IPC 153, which relates to "enmity created amid different groups on grounds of religion, race, birth, language, residence," and IPC 143 - "amounting to unlawful assembly".




Goons Wearing 'Jalidar Topi' Had Free Hand in UP Before BJP : Deputy CM

Date: 4 december 2021

Uttar Pradesh deputy chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya on Friday (December 3) said that before 2017 (when the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in Uttar Pradesh), “lungi chhaap” goons used to roam freely in the state, and those wearing “jalidar topi (netted caps)” used to threaten traders and encroach upon their land.

“Before 2017 polls, how many lungi chhaap goons used to roam around.. those wearing jalidar topi with guns in their hands… Who used to threaten traders? Since the BJP government was formed, can you even see such goons?” Maurya said in Hindi.

Just two days before this comment, Maurya had already been accused of stirring the communal pot when he claimed that the state government is already making preparations for a Krishna temple in Mathura.

“The construction of grand temples is on in Ayodhya and Kashi, and preparations are on for one in Mathura (Ayodhya Kashi bhavya mandir nirmaan jaari hai Mathura kee tyaari hai),” Maurya said in a tweet he posted in Hindi. The supposed temple site, which is a subject of multiple lawsuits, is located inside an Aurangzeb-era mosque in Mathura and shares its premises with a prominent temple.




BJP leader cries foul over 'land jihad' in Uttarakhand

Date: 29 august 2021

After 'love jihad', Uttarakhand BJP leader Ajendra Ajay has raised objections against the issue of 'land jihad', or the alleged increase in construction of places of worship of a certain religious community in the state.

Ajendra Ajay, who hit the headlines in 2018 for opposing the release of the film 'Kedarnath' and eventually succeeded in getting the movie banned in Uttarakhand, said he has taken up the matter of 'land jihad' with Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and urged him to take action.

Along with the 'land jihad' issue, Ajendra Ajay also raised the matter of increased migration in the hill state and the increase in the population of the same religious community in his meeting with CM Pushkar Singh Dhami last month.

In a letter submitted to the CM, Ajendra Ajay has demanded the constitution of an expert committee to study the various aspects of 'land jihad' issue and prepare the draft of the new law. He has also requested the chief minister to make a concrete decision on the subject due to "spiritual and security reasons".

Ajendra Ajay further claimed that there has been an influx of people belonging to a certain religious community into the state. He claimed there have been reports that from time to time, this community "secretly" constructs its places of worship which leads to communal tension.




Morphed graphic shows Rahul Gandhi wants India to be Islamic nation

Date: 6 december 2021

A screengrab of an alleged ABP News graphic plate airing a tweet of Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi is viral on social media. The screenshot has two captions on top. The first states, “Even after seeing this tweet of Pappu aired on ABP News TV channel, those who choose to support the Congress party will not only betray their country but also their religion.”

The second caption reads, “Rahul Gandhi has tweeted this just now from Wayanad, all members of this group must read this.”

The tweet attributed to Rahul Gandhi claims he wrote that the BJP is following the agenda of Hindu Rashtra by passing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. “The agenda of our ancestors has always been an Islamic country which is why we created two Islamic countries, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We can’t witness India becoming a Hindu Rashtra,” it further states.

The two captions on top of the screenshot have been circulating for a few years now. Vishwas News had debunked the fake tweet after it was posted by Facebook user Vikram Singh Bhati in 2019. The second caption matches the message Bhati had shared two years ago.

Alt News juxtaposed the viral screenshot with a genuine screenshot from a video posted by ABP news on YouTube.

Alt News spoke with Sanjay Bragta, Vice President News Gathering at ABP News Network (ANN), who denied that the viral graphic was broadcasted by the channel. Moreover, had Rahul Gandhi tweeted something of this nature, it would’ve been covered by the media since he is one of the leading opposition members. But no reports exist.




Bengaluru police tortures Muslim youth in custody, shaves beard

Date: 5 december 2021


A young man named Thousif Pasha and his family has alleged torture at the hands of the Byatarayanapura police. Thousif (22) has sustained injuries to his genitals, thighs, back, and head due to the alleged torture.

“I was tortured for 3 hours, and I am in a lot of pain. I am unable to bear the pain right now. I was beaten, my beard was shaved and my private parts were stomped on. The torture that they started around 2 in the night went on till dawn. They tied my hands and feet and later beat me furiously with a wooden bat,” the victim said. 

Elaborating on the incident, Thousif who was being treated at a city hospital said, “I was there concerning a money-related matter involving a friend. When the complaint was filed, they resorted to beating and so later the complaint was withdrawn. Even after the complaint was withdrawn, I was viciously beaten. When I asked for water, they passed urine in a bottle and handed it to me saying, drink this.”

“They did not let me sleep. I was kept in the bathroom and continuously beaten around the station. I was beaten on my face, head, and all around, I am like a mad man now. I am unable to make sense of what has happened. I feel disoriented.”

Reportedly, the lower portion of the victim’s hospital gown had blood stains from genital bleeding caused by the police beating. The victim’s thighs, buttocks have been beaten black and blue, and he said, “My genitals are swollen and bleeding from the torture. I was viciously beaten. They stood over me and beat me on my back despite me being in such incredible pain”, a wounded and traumatized Thousif Pasha relayed.

The victim has alleged that Sub Inspector Harish, two Police constables among others have participated in brutalizing his body.




UP minister says Muslims should ‘hand over’ Mathura mosque to Hindus

Date: 8 december 2021

UP Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Anand Swarup Shukla on Tuesday said the Muslim community should “hand over” a mosque located close to a temple in Mathura to the Hindu community.

“The white structure in Mathura in the Lord Krishna temple complex hurts the eye of every Hindu. Hence, Muslims should come forward and give up their claim on the land where Lord Krishna was born… The Muslim community should come forward and hand over the white structure located in the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi complex in Mathura to Hindus… Time will come when this work will be completed,” Shukla said, referring to the mosque.

Meanwhile, another BJP leader, Laxmi Narain Chaudhary, rhetorically asked if the Krishna temple is not built in Mathura, “will it be built in Lahore?”




Photo from Nikah ceremony shared as Quranic verses read in Sahitya Sammelan 

Date: 9 december 2021

BJP leader Hariom Pandey recently shared an image claiming it was taken at a literature festival in Maharashtra. He claimed that literary festivals are now being commenced with a reading of Quranic verses, as compared to earlier when the Saraswati Vandana used to be recited. The image features NCP MP Supriya Sule and Maharashtra cabinet minister Jitendra Awhad.

West Bengal’s Shankaracharya Gurukul president Arpita Chatterjee shared the image with the same claim. Her tweet was liked by over 4,500 users. 

Several others also posted the image with the accompanying claim. Among them was Mahesh Chauhan of the RSS, and users like @humlogindia, @janardanspeaks, and @archiepie11.

Supriya Sule attended fellow NCP leader and Kalwa Mumbra Assembly Speaker Shamim Khan’s son’s Nikah ceremony. According to the report, Sule had shared a Facebook Live taken at the event. This is where the viral image was taken from.




Places Of Worship Act Can Be Repealed For Construction Of Grand Temple In Mathura: BJP MP

Date: 6 december 2021

When the Narendra Modi government can repeal the farm laws keeping in mind the protests by farmers, it can also withdraw the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 to pave way for the construction of a grand temple at Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi in Mathura, BJP MP Ravindra Kushwaha said. The Act prohibits conversion of any place of worship and to provide for the maintenance of the religious character of any place of worship as it existed on August 15, 1947. The law, however, exempted litigation on the ownership over Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute.

"The BJP has a clear view regarding Ayodhya, Kashi (Varanasi) and Mathura since the beginning. These three are a matter of faith for us. Our religion is associated with these religious places,” Kushwaha said.

"Our origin is from this (Mathura) place. This is a matter of country's pride," the MP from Ballia told reporters on Sunday.

"Ayodhya has been decided, work is on in Kashi Vishwanath temple and now it’s the turn of Mathura," he added.

When asked whether one can go against the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991, Khushwaha said, "While taking note of farmers’ protests, agri laws were withdrawn. Similarly, the Modi government can withdraw this Act also."




Money now being spent on teerths, unlike kabristans earlier, says UP CM

Date: 9 december 2021

Alleging that the previous governments in Uttar Pradesh spent money on building the boundaries of kabristans (graveyards), Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that his government has been spending money on developing Hindu pilgrim centres (teerths).

Addressing a public event in Mathura, where he announced projects worth Rs 201 crore, the chief minister said: “Earlier, money was given to secure the boundaries of kabristan (burial grounds) and not for the development of pilgrimages. Now, rituals are being organised on a grand scale and the saints are given respect. The Kumbh is a great example of reliving a 5,000-year-old tradition.”

He also hit out at the Opposition over the Ram temple construction in Ayodhya and said that it would not have become reality if there were any other government in the state.

“If it was babua, like abbajaan, they would have ordered firing during the Ram Temple construction. If they had taken time off from giving protection to terrorists, they would have thought about development, women empowerment, temples. On one side, there is the Ram bhakt government, and on the other side, there are those who shoot Ram bhakts,”he said, alluding to Akhilesh and his father and Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav.




False anti-Muslim spin added to attack on college girl in West Bengal

Date: 7 december 2021

Pro-BJP and communal propaganda platform Kreately tweeted two images — one that shows a woman with a head injury and another picture of a man. The text on the image reads, “After being rejected in ‘love’, Md. Fayez Ahmad attacked Hindu girl with sharp blade in West Bengal. In another grooming Jihad incident, a Hindu girl was attacked yesterday afternoon by one Md. Fayez Ahmad in Kochbihar, Falakata of West Bengal. The girl was reportedly going to her college when she was attacked. Situation remains tensed in the area. [sic]” The tweet received over 3,000 retweets.

BJP supporter Arun Pudur also shared this graphic. Prior to this, Twitter user @JatayuOSINT posted a video of the incident with the same claim. 

According to local Bangla news outlet Anandabazar Patrika, the incident indeed took place. However, the report does not state the attack was communally motivated. Fajaddin Hossain attacked a student at Falakata College with a knife after his proposal was turned down. Hossain is a resident of the Ghoksadanga area in the Cooch Behar district in West Bengal.

The Telegraph also reported the incident and made no reference to a communal angle. As per the report, both the victim and accused were batchmates. The Telegraph cited that hospital sources informed that the victim received multiple stitches. The FIR pertaining to the case included a relevant excerpt — “On 29.11.21 at about 13:30 hours one Fajaddin Hossain s/o Babuddin of Baro Solmari PS Ghoksadanga District-Cooch Behar attacked one Alina Yasmeen (20) d/o Ainul Haque of Dulal Dokan PS-Falakata with a sharp cutting weapon (blade). The incident took place at Dhupguri More college road following a failed love affair between the two.”