Muslim activist (woman):

[In a TV debate]:

Fellow panelist: Why are you criticizing the government? If you don’t like your life here, you can go to Pakistan!

[In a public space]:

Another man: If you were in Iran or Saudi Arabia, you wouldn’t even be allowed to go out of your home. You can speak here because this is India. 

Another woman: How can you say that you are secular? You wear these religious markers- like your hijab.

[Speaker on a stage]

Man: Ms X wants to bring Sharia law into this country and turn this country into an Islamic state. That is her agenda!


A young Muslim man

[Talking to a Hindu woman. Goons surround them]

Goon: This is love jihad! Get him arrested.

[While applying for a job]

Recruiter: Sorry, the company doesn’t hire Muslims.

[Chatting with another youth]

Boy: Muslims don’t join the army because they are not loyal to this country. 

[Sitting in a train compartment]

Right wing goon: You lot should be careful. If you can’t say ‘Jai Sri Ram’, you cannot remain in India.


A young Muslim woman

[Talking to a non-Muslim friend]

Friend: So when did you move here from Pakistan?

Reply: But my family has always been Indian!

Another friend: Why are Muslims in Arab countries so barbaric? You should speak out against this.

Another friend: Oh no, I am not Islamophobic! I visited UAE for my holidays.

[During a job interview]

Recruiter: We would love to have you, but you will have to work without your hijab.


A restauranter 

Right wing goon: Are you serving halal meat? That is not allowed here!

Politician on stage (restauranter in the crowd): Muslim hotels are putting drugs in the food for Hindus to make us impotent

[A group of goons attack the shop with sticks]

They are secretly serving beef! Destroy this shop!

[Police arrives on the scene]

We will have to check the meat here to see if it was indeed beef.


Kashmiri student

[Someone hits him with a thick stick]

Your terrorists have killed our soldiers!

[In class]

Classmate: You people complain about human rights but what did you do to the Pandits?

Two classmates whisper to each other: All Kashmiris are just waiting to become terrorists.

[A crowd gathers outside his room, student has locked himself in]

Chanting: Kick out the Kashmiri terrorists from our university!


Small businessman living in a Muslim street

(Hailing an auto)

Auto driver: No I won't go to that address. It's too dangerous

Friend: Yes, I know Muslims have it bad here. But don’t non-Muslims have it worse in Pakistan?

Reply: But that doesn’t solve my problems.

Old woman standing outside the shop to a municipal worker: No need to fix street lights there. Its a Muslim shop.

Group of rioters: Here is a Muslim shop! Burn it down!


Muslim actor (male)

Man on TV: A Muslim actor shouldn't be playing a Hindu god. It's an insult to us!

Twitter user: Why is this jihadi an ambassador of a government project? Please get his background checked.

Actor on stage: There is fear among people in the country today.

Audience member: This country made you an actor. You should be grateful!

Group of people: Boycott X! Burn the theatres!