For every Aurangzeb, a Shivaji has also emerged: PM Modi 

datE: 13 december 2021

With the UP Assembly polls a couple of months away, Prime Minister Modi invoked Raja Suheldev, a royal of yore who was very popular in eastern UP as he had defeated the army of Muslim invader Salar Masood, during his speech at the courtyard of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor after inaugurating its Phase-I in Varanasi.

“Kashi Avisnashi hai (Kashi is immortal). Invaders attacked this city, tried to destroy it but Kashi withstood every attack as sultanates rose and fell. History is witness to Aurangzeb’s atrocities, his terror. He tried to change civilisation by the sword. He tried to crush culture with fanaticism. But the soil of this country is magical. Here if an (Mughal Emperor) Aurangzeb comes, a (Maratha warrior) Shivaji also emerges,” said the PM.

In the same vein he cited the example of Mahraja Suheldev who had defeated the invader Salar Masood in the battle of Bahraich. “If any Salar Masood moves here, then brave warriors like Raja Suheldev make the invader feel the power of unity,” added the PM.




Judgement in 2017 rape case falsely reported as first ‘love jihad’ conviction

Date: 23 december 2021

On December 20, a local court in Kanpur pronounced a Judgment wherein it held a man guilty of committing rape upon a 17-year-old girl and sentenced him to ten years of jail and a fine of Rs 30,000.

However, this Judgment was reported by some sections of the media as the first conviction under the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Act, 2021 [commonly known as ‘Love Jihad’ Law].

Several media portals have been widely misreporting this Judgment despite the fact that the rape convict, Javed @ Munna wasn’t even charged under the UP Love Jihad Law. It is important to note that the ‘love jihad’ law was first enacted in 2020. It was first promulgated as an Ordinance in the year 2020, and earlier this year, it was passed as an Act.

The instant case, which is the subject matter of false reports, relates to an occurrence in 2017 (when rape was committed upon a 17-year-old girl).

CNN News incorrectly reported on Wednesday that the Kanpur Court has convicted and sentenced the man under the Love Jihad Law.

At around 5 pm in the evening, News18 India, a News Channel conducted a debate in Hindi over this Judgment inviting several panelists to speak on the the topic in its program ‘Danke Ki Chot par’. The debate was moderated by Anchor Aman Chopra where he claimed that the conviction of Javed is the first conviction by any court under the UP’s Love Jihad Law.




Bajrang Dal shuts down ‘Sai’ juice shop run by Muslim owner in Moradabad

Date : 25 december 2021


'New Sai Juice Centre' run by a Muslim man was vandalised and forced to shut down in Uttar Pradesh. Members of a right-wing outfit raised objections to the outlet's name. The Muslim man had been running the 'New Sai Juice Centre' for 15 years in Majhola area of Moradabad district. Activists claimed that "Sai Baba is a Hindu deity” and the Muslim owner should change its name. They also allegedly threatened to shut all shops run by Muslims which are named after Hindu deities in the locality. An FIR was subsequently registered against a local leader of the Bajrang Dal.




30 Muslims Held, Muslim Man's House Razed After Communal Clash Over Hindutva Rally

Date: 26 december 2021


Rightwing Hindutva groups’ attempts to enter a locality primarily populated by Muslims – against police instructions – as part of their ‘Shourya Yatra’ in Manawar tehsil of Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district developed into a clash with stone pelting from both sides recently. However, police have only arrested Muslims among those accused and inexplicably razed a Muslim man’s house for harbouring three of the accused there and not having “building permission.”

On December 23, 2021, Hindutva groups led a massive ‘Shourya Yatra’ (‘bravery rally’) with a DJ playing music. When they tried to enter the Gandhi Nagar locality, they were stopped by the police with the use of mild force.

Police action led to rumours spreading that a communal clash had begun between Hindus and Muslims. The region had seen a similar clash in 2016 and is understood to be communally sensitive.

An eyewitness of the incident claimed that the mob was trying to enter into an area with a heavy Muslim population – entry to which had restricted by police. They tried to push through police barricades, which was when cops used mild force, said the eyewitness.

Of three FIRs, one was registered on the complaint of a Bajrang Dal worker Pankaj Khushwaha (36) against 12 identified and 13 unidentified Muslim men for attempting to murder (307), rioting (147), trespassing (452), mischief causing damage to the amount of Rs 50 (427) and others.

Speaking to reporters, Dheeraj Patidar, Additional Superintendent of Police at Dhar said that police registered FIRs based on the complaint of locals who were injured in the stone pelting and on the basis of video footage of the incident. “Over a dozen of the accused were arrested by the police and raids are being conducted to arrest others,” he said.

Two days after the incident, the district administration razed the three-storey building of 55-year-old Khalil Khatri to the ground. The property is worth over Rs 45 lakhs. Police have said that three of the accused were living there on rent and the owner had allegedly failed to produce building permission within fewer than 24 hours of serving notice.

“In the garb of nonavailability of the building permission, the administration demolished the home which I built after years of toil and hard work because three of my renters were named in the recent incident of stone pelting. I have nothing to do with the incident. All the houses near mine were built without building permission,” said Khatri.

Speaking over the phone, he said, “I pleaded before the Additional SP and Sub-Divisional Magistrate, requesting them to stop the demolition drive and promising them that I will take necessary permission. But they blamed me for sheltering criminals.”

Khatri alleged that, a day after the incident, police detained him along with his 30-year-old son Khalid, seeking details of the renters. “They released me at around 12:30 am, but my son is still in their custody,” he said.

“My house was demolished because I’m a Muslim,” he added.




Every Temple Should Have Yearly Targets On Reconversion:BJP Yuva Morcha Chief

dateL 27 december 2021

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Bangalore South MP Tejasvi Surya stepped up ghar wapasi campaign for those Hindus who converted to other faiths. He later withdrew the comments claiming certain statements from his speech had created an avoidable controversy.

He had said all those who left Hinduism should be reconverted and every temple, math should set a target for the same.

"At a program held in Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt, I spoke on the subject of Hindu Revival in Bharat. Certain statements from my speech has regrettably created an avoidable controversy. I therefore unconditionally withdraw the statements," Surya said.

Earlier, Tejasvi Surya had said, "The only option left for the Hindus is to re-convert all people who have gone out of Hindu fold. This does not come to us naturally but today we must evolve. This metamorphosis must come in our DNA."

"Those who have left their mother religion for various socio-political-economic reasons over the course of India's history, those who have gone out of the Hindu fold must be brought back into the Hindu faith," he had stated while speaking at Udupi.

Claiming it to be a fact of history, he said, “The invasion of Islam from the North was first successfully tackled by rulers of Vijayanagara Empire in Karnataka. They sent the ‘Mleccha’ or the foreign barbaric forces back. There cannot be a Hindu without Hindutva, which preaches the people to revolt against any assault on their religion.’’

Earlier during an interaction with some intellectuals, he claimed that the ancestors of present-day Christians and Muslims were forcibly converted from Hinduism.

“The Constitution begins with ‘India that is Bharath’. If India has to retain its essence, it has to be a Hindu majority nation," he added.






‘Police On Our Side,’ Says Narsinghanand; 'Seers' File Complaint Against Quran

dateL 29 december 2021

Despite massive outrage and a First Information Report (FIR) against three of the several Hindutva leaders who made calls for the genocide of Muslims at a hate conclave in Haridwar, a new video has surfaced where the same leaders can be seen bursting into laughter. In the clip, Yati Narsinghanand can be heard telling Annapurna Maa that 'there is no bias', adding that the "(police) will be on our side”

The Hindutva leaders, including two accused, lodged a complaint against Muslim clerics and the Quran with the Haridwar police, alleging conspiracy.

SHO of Haridwar's Kotwali Nagar Rakender Singh told The Quint, "We had gone to give them notice about two cases. That's when they said they wanted to submit a police complaint themselves. If they wish to submit one, we have to take it. But no FIR has been filed on it."

After giving the complaint to Kathait, Pooja Shakun says, "You should send a message that you are not biased. You are a public officer and you should treat everyone equally. That is what we expect from you."

The controversial leader Narsinghanand, who has been at the forefront of a hate campaign against Muslims, is then heard saying, "Ladka hamari taraf hoga (he will be on our side)."

The five leaders seen in the video are Hindu Raksha Sena's Prabodhananda Giri, who organised the "dharma sansad", Narasinghanand, Pooja Shakun alias "Sadhvi Annapurna"; Anand Swaroop, head of a body named Shankaracharya Parishad, and Waseem Rizvi alias Jitendra Narayan.

Annapurna Maa, who is the 'Mahamandaleshwar' of the Niranjani Akhada and general secretary of Hindu Mahasabha, and Bihar resident Dharamdas Maharaj, and Wasim Rizvi who had recently converted to Hinduism and taken the name Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, have been booked so far for the comments made during the hate conclave.




Akhadas Form Core Committee for Armed Struggle Against Muslims

Date: 29 december 2021

Undeterred by cases registered against three of the several Hindutva leaders who delivered hate speech during a recent Dharam Sansad in Haridwar, the swamis of several Akhadas met in the city on Tuesday and formed a core committee of 21 leaders. They resolved to continue their fight against Islam, which they called a “gang of armed people”, and even filed a police complaint against the Quran and a number of the city’s maulanas and imams at the Haridwar Kotwali police station.

“The Quran incites you to kill kafirs. This book has provocative sections. It should be banned,” Niranjani Akhada’s Darshan Bharti told The India Cable.

The leaders also decided to step up their campaign to convert India into a “Hindu Rashtra” and defended their speeches during the earlier event. “We are holding three more sansads in Aligarh, Kurukshetra and Shimla. We have resolved that this is about our freedom of speech, and we will continue to speak up,” Swami Anand Swaroop told The India Cable.

Among the core committee members are Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, Swami Prabodhanand, Hindu Mahasabha’s general secretary Annapurna Bharti alias Pooja Shakun, Pandit Adhir Kaushik, Sindhu Maharaj and Swami Darshan Bharti. All were present at the event where calls to eliminate Muslims were made.

In what seems to be a tactical decision, they unanimously “decided to stay quiet on M.K. Gandhi”. “We have decided not to comment on Gandhi,” said Bharti, refusing to elaborate on the reasoning.

The India Cable had reported on Monday about the armed vigilante brigades which these leaders have raised in the last few years. They reiterated their resolve to continue with weaponization in today’s gathering.

“Is it wrong to talk about Hindu dharma in India? Adi Shankaracharya had established akhadas 1,400 years ago and armed them with various weapons to save our religion from Buddhists. Akhadas were like an army of the religion, just like Guru Gobind Singh had created his army. There was never any controversy then. Why is there an issue now? It’s because Islam ek hathiyarband giroh hai (Islam is an armed gang). You can fight them only with arms,” said Darshan Bharti.




Video of attack on girl shared with false communal spin

Date: 29 december 2021

A CCTV footage which shows a boy stabbing a girl multiple times was being shared with a communal spin to claim that the boy, who belonged to the Muslim community, attacked the Hindu girl because she refused his advances. The claim is being shared with the hashtag 'Love Jihad', an Islamophobic term popularised by the right-wing, that refers to the alleged campaign of Muslim men converting Hindu women in the guise of love.

However, the video is from an incident that happened in Bihar's Gopalganj where a boy stabbed a minor girl in broad daylight while she was returning from school.

According to the police, it was a revenge crime, as the girl had complained to the principal about the boy (18), who had approached another girl in the minor's class. But both the girl and the boy belong to the Muslim community and there is no communal angle to the incident.




Schizophrenic Youth, on Way to Mosque, Beaten Up in Jharkhand Village

Date: 28 november 2021

A 24-year-Muslim youth in Jharkhand’s Simdega district was waylaid by a mob and beaten up ruthlessly, leaving him grievously injured, according to reports reaching from the state.

The incident took place on the evening of November 28 when Adil Hussain came out of his house to offer evening namaz.

Adil suffers from schizophrenia. He was hospitalised after the attack and then referred to RIMS in the capital city of Ranchi for  treatment.

His brother Sahil Hussain, told Clarion India that Adil was first tied and then beaten up ruthlessly till they thought he was dead and left him there unattended. “We got the news at 10 pm, we went to the Sadar police station. They told us that there was an accident case. We found it was Adil. Later came to know that he was beaten up by some people,” said Sahil.

“We got a call from a man named Aakash Singh who claimed he saved my brother but later Adil said Aakash was part of the mob which attacked him.”

He alleged that his brother was attacked because he had beard and wearing skull cap, markers of Muslim identity.

After the family filed a complaint, the police registered a case of attack and attempt to murder under Sections 144, 340, 323, 307 and 120B of IPC against Pradeep, Rohit Singh, and Chattu Prasad, etc. in Sadar police station.