Hindutva Leader, Linked to BJP and Narsinghanand, Assaults Muslim Man in Train

Date: 19 october 2021

Hindutva leader Madhu Sharma, known as Maa Madhura, was seen assaulting a Muslim man in a train and made him touch her feet for allegedly pushing her while passing through the railway coach gallery.

In the video, Sharma is seen to be pulling the Muslim man by his hair and slapping him and does not let him speak. She threatened to take his life while forcefully asking him to touch her feet. “I will kill you. Touch my feet. (sic),” the woman is heard telling the Muslim man.

In the 41-second video, Sharma slapped the Muslim man over a dozen times and forced him to wear the skull cap while filming the act.

The only sentence that Muslim man is heard saying is, “Maine to dekha bhi nahi. (I didn’t even notice.)” He was trying to respond to Sharma’s allegation that he pushed her while crossing the alley.

The video was shared by Sharma on her Facebook page on October 18 (Monday). Facebook has put a “sensitive content” label on the video, but has still not made any effort to take action against it. On Twitter too, the video has been shared and glorified by a considerable number of right-wing influencers.

The video caption reads, “Friends, this is your Maa Madhura, thrashing a Jihadi snake because he had hit my shoulder while passing through the gallery. So, he had to face the consequences!”

Sharma is a disciple of far-right priest and militant Hindutva leader Yati Narsinghanand, who has described all of India’s Muslims as the ‘jihadist enemies’ of Hindus and that members of the community do not deserve the right to life. His role in stoking the violence that shook Northeast Delhi last year is well documented by The Wire.






Hindutva leader calls Muslims ‘mlecchas’, asks followers to use violence for mass conversion 

Date: 29 august 2021

Madhu Sharma, Hindutva leader and disciple of hate monger Yati Narasinghanand, who also goes by the name Maa Madhura, released  a video on Twitter asking people to use violence to mass convert Muslims. Sharma shared a hate video calling Muslims Mlecchas — a word varyingly used to mean non-Vedic people or barbarians in Sanskrit that has become a derogatory term for Muslims used by far-right Hindutva leaders. In her video, she is instigating her audience to use violence (in the form of fear) against Muslims, and become a “Super Hindu”.






Islamophobia in Europe “has worsened, if not reached a tipping point,” according to a new report released on Wednesday. The 886-page report titled European Islamophobia Report 2020 was co-edited by Enes Bayrakli, an international relations professor at Istanbul-based Turkish-German University, and Farid Hafez, a political scientist from Georgetown University’s Bridge Initiative. “Looking back at the last six years, many observers will unanimously agree that the state of Islamophobia in Europe not only has not improved but has worsened, if not reached a tipping point,” they wrote in the annual report being published since 2015.


‘Boycott Atrangi Re’ trends on Twitter for ‘promoting Love Jihad’

Date: 29 decemebr 2021

Filmmaker Aanand L Rai’s latest directorial Atrangi Re stars Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar in lead roles. Upon its release, the movie received its fair share of positive reviews from critics and audiences.   While the film received mostly positive reviews, a section of the audiences claimed that the film 'hurt their religious sentiments'.  One of the subplots of the film is about the love story between a Muslim guy and a Hindu girl. The two eventually become the victim of honour killing.  There is also a sequence where Sara’s character talks about the inter-religious love story and praises it. In another scene, her character is seen having a quarrel with her family and refers to Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva. 

All these scenes have seemed to become a bone of contention amongst a section of social media users as they have called for the film’s boycott. 






An excerpt from from ‘Whole Numbers and Half Truths: What Data Can and Cannot Tell Us About Modern India’ by Rukmini S. Rooted in hard facts and the messy political reality of India, the book presents a portrait of today’s India and uses numbers to interrogate and reimagine it.


Old images shared to falsely claim Jain monk attacked by Muslims in Karnataka

Date: 28 december 2021

A photograph of a man with a wound on his arm has been circulating with the claim that a Jain monk was attacked by Muslims in Karnataka. The claim adds that the attackers chanted ‘Congress zindabad’. “This is the fate of the Hindus who vote for Congress,” reads the message.

The photo of the man with an arm wound was also widespread in 2018 ahead of elections in Karnataka. “Very sad news, yesterday in Karantaka Jain muni attacked by muslim youth …. No one is safe in Siddaramaiah’s Karnataka [sic],” was the message circulating back then.

Mahesh Vikram Hegde, founder of fake news site Postcard News, and Gaurav Pradhan, who has been found spreading misinformation on several occasions, also put out this claim on their Twitter accounts.

Alt News found that Jain Muni, Mayank Sagar, had a minor accident when a bike hit him and caused a shoulder injury. The incident happened in March 2018 in Kanakapura, Karnataka. It was reported that he recovered from the incident.

The news was reported by Jain publication, Ahinsa Kranti. The editor of the publication, Mukesh Jain, while speaking with Alt News confirmed the news and denied the incident had anything to do with members of the Muslim community. Jain Muni Mayank Sagar had reached Shravanabelagola in Karnataka on February 4, 2018, for the Mahamastakabhisheka. He was on his way back from Shravanabelagola when the accident happened. Ahinsa Kranti reported the issue on March 13, 2018.