Prominent Muslim women listed again for “auction” on another Gitbub app

Date: 5 January 2022

More than 100 Muslim women including Fatima Nafis (mother of Najeeb; JNU), leading activist Ladeeda Farzana, Safoora Zargar, prominent journalists Ismat Ara and many more women were targeted and harassed online, in which they were “auctioned” as Muslim maids. The matter was highlighted by one of the prominent activists of Jamia Millia Islamia, Safoora Zargar, and a leading journalist Ismat Ara.

This is not the first time that Muslim women have been targeted and sexually harassed online. Last year Sulli Deals was prevailing in this matter. But since no strict action was taken again these pathetic groups it is happening again.

A complainant in the ‘Bulli Bai’ app case in Mumbai has received threats from unknown callers, prompting her to submit a written complaint with the Cyber Police Crime Branch on Sunday. The cyber police lodged a non-cognisable complaint under Section 506 of the IPC. DCP (cyber) Dr Rashmi Karandikar added that a probe is on to trace the callers. The complainant’s FIR led to the arrest of four students. Neeraj Bishnoi, 21, is the alleged creator of the app which had obscene content on 126 Muslim women. The accused were confident they will never get caught and he allegedly communicated this to the three other accused on Twitter groups.

Bishnoi later took to Twitter to abuse Mumbai Police for arresting his team mates, which eventually led to his arrest by the Delhi Police.

Bishnoi, an Assam native who is a second-year engineering student of Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal, was suspended from college after his arrest last week. Mumbai Police said they will be seeking his custody.

A cyber police official said Bishnoi and one of the arrested accused, Vishal Kumar Jha, 21, were on a Twitter group when a similar app, Sullideals, was made last year to target prominent Muslim women. Jha had then retweeted and liked tweets on Sullideals, said the official. He also changed the names of his Twitter handles 16 times and his account was suspended by Twitter six times, an official said. Jha, a second-year civil engineering student, told police that he was simply following Bishnoi’s instructions.

None of the three accused — Jha, Shweta Singh, 18, or Mayank Rawat, 21 — knew Bishnoi’s real identity and knew him only as “Giyu”, a Japanese gaming character. All of them were allegedly part of a Twitter group where hate messages and memes were shared on issues of religion, current affairs and politics.




Poem in Calicut University left-wing magazine insults purdah, Muslim men 

Date: 15 october 2019

 A poem published in a magazine released by the student’s union of Calicut University, Kerala insulted the Muslim custom of wearing ‘burqa’. Why are you bundled in this ‘black cloth’, the poem asks a Muslim woman, for a heaven that offers you no ‘male virgins’? ‘Let me look at the world through the small gaps allowed to me through this black cloth’, it continues, ‘or they will send me to Hell much more early’. ‘Let me sit through the orgies of drug-soaked men, like a little ant’, the poem concludes. The poem titled ‘veil’ (moodupadam) was written by Adarsh, who is a member of the left-wing Students Federation of India. After the poem kicked up a controversy, the University withdrew the magazine. 




Old video falsely viral as ‘United Malappuram’ carved out of Kerala as separate Muslim nation

Date: 3 january 2022

A video of several youths taking a pledge in Malayalam is being shared on social media with the claim that “United Malappuram” — consisting of six districts in Kerala — has elected its own Islamic Prime Minister and formed a separate army. The video also displays the text “Kunjalikutty Prime Minister of United Mamallapuram”.

No news outlets have reported that a new country “United Mamallapuram” has been formed out of six districts in Kerala. This would have been covered by nearly every news organisation had it been true. The misinformation piggybacks on certain political parties in the state supporting the bifurcation of Malappuram district in the past. Malappuram is the most populated district in Kerala.

Muslim Youth League (MYL) National General Secretary Faizal Babu told Alt News that the video is from 2008. He also provided an English translation of the pledge which has been cross-verified by Malayalam language speakers. The pledge in English says – “ I swear, being a proud party cadre, to utilise my time and resources for the empowerment of Muslims and other backward classes by bringing them to the mainstream of the society / I swear to dedicate (myself) in the political advancement keeping the values of our nation as unity, integrity, peace and communal harmony / I do understand that the politics of revenge, extremism, terrorism are harmful and that will demolish our social well being / I swear to uphold the philosophy of unity in diversity in all walks of life / I firmly believe in the idea of morality, transparency, corruption-free in our political system and a welfare state will be realized / I will extend whole supports to my county and I love my country. (sic)”

The youths do not take a pledge declaring “United Malappuram” a separate Muslim state with a Muslim Prime Minister.




Govt College Students Denied Entry Into Class For Wearing Hijabs in Karnataka

Date: 3 January 2022

 Six Muslim students were barred from attending classes on account of their wearing hijabs at a pre-university (PU) college for women in Karnataka’s Udupi district, Hindustan Times reported.

Apart from the dress-code issue, the students and their parents also claimed that they were not allowed to talk in Urdu, Arabic or Beary languages. As a result of these restrictions, the students began demonstrating outside the classroom on Saturday, January 1, and were there for at least three days.

According to the students, school authorities had called the parents of these students to discuss the matter but had made them wait for four hours when they did come to school and that principal Rudra Gowda refused to discuss the issue with them. Another student told the newspaper that no such issue was present before they started wearing hijabs to the college.

The students have also not been given attendance for the days when they came to school in their hijabs, causing concerns that they might fall short of their attendance requirements.

Gowda claimed that, while students could wear hijabs on the university premises, they were not allowed to wear them within the classroom in order to enforce “uniformity”. He told local media that “no provisions to have hijab as the uniform” in the school were in place and thus the students were not allowed to wear them.

Moreover, he told the media that only six of the total 60 students were wearing hijabs and are thus not being allowed to attend classes. Moreover, he claimed to have called the families of the students to discuss the issue. Nothing was said about the students’ claims that they were being prevented from speaking certain languages.




Karnataka Students Don Saffron Scarves in Protest Against Hijab in Classrooms

Date: 5 January 2022

Around 50 students of a state-run degree college in Karnataka’s Koppa taluk wore saffron-coloured scarves as a way of protesting against Muslim women wearing hijab in classrooms on Tuesday, 4 January.

The college in Balagadi, in fact, initially asked women not to attend classes wearing a hijab, giving in to the demand of the students wearing the saffron scarves.

However, the college later decided to let students wear what they want, suspending the dress code, and called for a parent-teacher meeting on 10 January to resolve the issue.

According to news agency PTI, Ananth Murthy, principal of the college, said, "We are convening a parent-teacher meeting, which will also be attended by public representatives, on 10 January to resolve the issue. The decision arrived at would be a binding one."

A decision on the matter was made three years ago as well. The college principal added that back then, it was decided that "Muslim girls could cover their heads with a scarf." Now, since new students have joined, they are raising the issue again, he added. There are around 850 students in the college.




In Chhattisgarh Village, People Take Oath To Boycott Muslims

Date:: 7 january 2022

A video from a Chhattisgarh village is being widely circulated where villagers can be seen taking a pledge to boycott Muslims. The police said they have traced the person who organised it, but have not found the involvement of any political party or religious group. 

"We Hindus will not buy goods from any Muslim shopkeeper, will not sell or rent our land to any Muslim," the residents of Kundikala village in Sarguja district, can be heard saying in the video.

"We Hindus pledge to buy from vendors coming to our villages only after ascertaining their religion. We also pledge to not work as labourers for them," they are heard saying.

Officials said the video surfaced after a brawl between residents of two villages -- Kundikala and Aara -- on January 1.

On New Year's Day, some boys of Aara village had come to Kundikala for a picnic and clashed with the local men.

Later in the evening, more than 10 people from Aara -- led by Iliyaas, a member of the local government -- came in motorcycles and an SUV, entered the house of a local, Birendra Yadav, and assaulted his family.

Everyone in the house, including Birendra Yadav's minor niece, was injured.

The police came soon after and arrested the assailants. They were accused of rioting, obscene act, voluntarily causing hurt, criminal intimidation and trespass. But soon after, they received bail from the court.

The villagers alleged that the minor girl was also assaulted by the attackers but they got bail as the police failed to apply the relevant sections.

After the accused got bail, hundreds of villagers held a demonstration outside the Lundra police station and raised slogans against the police.

Later the villagers later took the oath, pledging to sever all ties with Muslims.




Islamophobic UP government ad carried by newspapers all across Delhi, UP

Date: 8 JanuRY 2022

In the first week of January, the Uttar Pradesh government published a clearly Islamophobic ad that was carried by alomst all newspapers distributed in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The ad had two images. In the first frame was a young man with a kaffiyeh around his neck, symbolising a terrorist, with a fierce look in his eyes. This, the ad tells the reader, is a scene from an era before 2017. In the second frame, the same young man is seen with folded hands, seeking pardon. This apparent transformation has come after 2017, i.e. when the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in the state. The advertisement was carried by all newspapers in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Hoardings bearing the same image have been put up in different parts of Lucknow. The Indian Express, a prominent nationwide English daily newspaper, is under fire for an ‘Islamophobic’ front page advertisement funded by the Uttar Pradesh government. The ad promoted the UP govt’s claim that there are no more riots happening in the state after the BJP came to power.



‘Islam is fast poison, Christianity slow poison,’ says Hindutva leader in Ghaziabad

Date: 31 december 2021

Empowered by the December of hate that his mentor Narsinghanand’s oversaw at the 3-day “Dharma Sansad”, which turned into a call for violence conclave in Haridwar, Pinky Chaudhary, president of Hindu Raksha Dal, chose the campus of J.D. Public school in Ghaziabad to spew more hate on December 31. Calling Islam ‘fast poison’ and Christianity ‘slow poison’, Chaudhary asked for both to be ‘wiped out from Earth’. 

According to a report in Siasat, Pinky also incited his supporters to “behead” Asaduddin Owaisi, president of All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) who is also a member of Parliament. “As long as the warriors and volunteers of Hindu Raksha Dal work together as a unit and follow the path of Hindutva, they will behead you (Owaisi)" and, "Teri Gardan kaat kar mera naam badhaenge, (they will make my brand/name grow once they behead you).” Pinky’s hate speech and direct call for violence was met with cheering from his audience.