Man suffering from bipolar disorder forced to lick own spit, chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’

Date; 9 january 2022

A 32-year-old Muslim man suffering from bipolar disorder was assaulted, made to lick his own spit and forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ by suspected BJP workers in Dhanbad.

Identifying the man as Zeeshan Khan, police said one person has been arrested in connection with the assault. They said more arrests will be made after further investigation.

The incident took place at a protest by the BJP against the security lapse during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Punjab. The party’s Dhanbad MLA Raj Sinha and Dhanbad MP P N Singh were among the leaders present at the protest.

Zeeshan was passing by the spot when he allegedly used abusive words for one of the BJP leaders. He was immediately surrounded by a group of suspected BJP workers and supporters who started assaulting him. He was then made to squat, spit on the road and lick it and chant Jai Shri Ram.

After a video of the incident went viral on social media, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren ordered Dhanbad Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Singh to inquire into the incident. “DC Dhanbad, please take strict action against the culprits and immediately inform. There is no place for animosity among the peace-loving people of Jharkhand,” he tweeted.

Two hours later, Singh said, “We are inquiring into the matter and Dhanbad police is investigating it and has registered an FIR. One person has been arrested.” He said it was not immediately clear whom Zeeshan abused.




MP: Retired DGP removed from WhatsApp group for anti-Muslim post

Date: 9 january 2022

Madhya Pradesh DGP Vivek Johri ordered removal of a retired senior police officer from a WhatsApp group of state IPS officers for posting a message against the Muslim community and refusing to delete it when asked to.

Maithili Sharan Gupta, who retired as Special DGP (Police Reform), recently shared a YouTube channel link on the WhatsApp group, IPS MP, that encouraged Hindus to counter Muslims who claimed that their forefathers chose to stay in India during Partition. This was in response to an argument lyricist Javed Akhtar made recently that the forefathers of present day Muslims chose India as their home.

Along with the YouTube link, Gupta posted: “Those who voted for Muslim League, instead of going to Pakistan, they stayed back in India. Post-Independence, our black Britishers let them sit on the heads of Hindus. They were given more rights under law and this is the root cause of all problems. They were made education ministers, subsequently they changed your history.” He also asked all group members to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

After Gupta posted his message, DGP Johri posted: “Such political/communal post should have no place in this group. Pl delete.” He also asked the group admin to act. Soon the group admin called up Gupta, asking him to delete his post, but he refused.

After being informed that Gupta had refused to delete the post, the DGP, in another message, said, “If he is not prepared to delete the communal post, he need not be in his group.” Gupta was subsequently removed from the group.

Gupta said he did not mind being removed from the group. These things are smaller issues, but it is important to draw the attention of the public on the sufferings of Hindus, he said.




Akashavani director calls Muslim women ‘pigs’, asks for mass sterilization

Date: 3 September 2019

Writer and Program Director at All India Radio, K R Indira, was booked by Kerala police for derogatory comments posted on Facebook targeting Muslims. Speaking in the context of 19 lakh people being excluded from the Assam national register of citizens (NRC), she wrote on Facebook that some people are concerned “about where people excluded from the registry will go. We can house them in camps for illegal immigrants with minimum amenities. We can deny them voter cards, aadhar cards and ration cards and sterilize them in order to stop them from procreating”. In a further comment, she said, “there is no doubt that thaathamar (Muslim women) breed like pigs. They have to do this to conquer the world. If this planet has to escape, (we) might have to mix birth control pills in drinking water supplies.”

Based on a complaint by Kodungallur resident M R Vipin Das, Kodungallur police booked Indira under non-bailable section IPC 153 A and Section 120 O. 

On September 11, members of Students Islamic Organization were booked and fined for carrying out a march to the Kodungallur police station accusing the police of acting irresponsibly in the matter. In addition, there were also complaints that police were hounding the complainant Vipin Das, who is an activist.