Man attacks 4, including cleric, over use of loudspeaker for azaan

Date: 18 October 2021

A man allegedly attacked four people, including a cleric, over the use of loudspeakers for azaan in Thanwa Mundiari village in Basti, police said. 

Circle Officer Kalvari Alok Singh said they received information from the pradhan that there had been a fight between people of two communities in the village.

On reaching there, the police found out that a man attacked the cleric, who going to azaan, with a stick as he was opposed to the use of loudspeakers, the CO said.

When other people tried to rescue the cleric, they were also attacked by the man, who belonged to a different community from them, he said.

Police said a case has been registered in connection with the incident and additional force has been deployed in the village. The injured people have been hospitalised, they said.




Clashes Erupt Over 10-Year-Old Muslim Boy's Presence at Garba Venue

Date: 19 october 2021

 A day-long curfew was imposed and nearly two dozen people were arrested after a clash erupted over the alleged presence of 10-year-old Muslim boy at a garba venue in Sendhwa city of Madhya Pradesh’s Barwani district, on October 13.

According to Barwani Police, a dispute erupted when a Muslim boy was spotted at a garba venue in the Moti Bagh locality. This was objected by a Hindu teenager who had had a previous tiff with the Muslim boy’s family. Heated arguments turned into a brawl which got worse as adults got involved in the fight which saw stone pelting as well.

“A trivial fight among boys became a communal incident and soon, the communities came face-to-face and pelted stones at each other, leaving a dozen people injured including women and children,” said Deepak Shukla, Superintendent of Police, Barwani district.

The officials said that a “lack of trust” between two communities and WhatsApp rumours which spread like wildfire soon after the stone pelting turned one community against another.

Sensing the gravity of the incident owing to the festive season and the spread of rumours, the district administration clamped Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code since the night of the incident – October 13 – and imposed a day-long curfew the following day.

Meanwhile, a crowd of over 500 men of the majority Hindu community picketed the Sendhwa Police station demanding an FIR be lodged and arrests be made among Muslims. This mob manhandled a 14-year-old boy, his mother and two of his relatives who had gone to the police station to register a complaint after the minor child sustained a head injury during the stone pelting among two communities.

An eyewitness said that the mob not only roughed up the child and his family, but also manhandled Sayed Afzal, the chief Muslim cleric of the city and a Congress leader, Mohammad Samar, who had gone to the police station for a meeting called by the SP, Deepak Shukla, to control the situation.

The mob dispersed after police assured them of action. But even after they had dispersed, some miscreants targeted shops owned by Muslims and attacked the place of worship which was foiled by the police. “The angry mob damaged a car and a motorcycle in Sadar Bazaar area, forcing police to resort to lathicharge,” said an official.

The other two FIRs were lodged against the Hindu and Muslim communities respectively, under the same sections – 143, 148, 294, 323 and 506 of the IPC – naming 26 people. Twenty of them are Muslims and six are Hindus.




Madrasa student attacked by RSS worker; police claims mental illness

Date: 21 october 2021

A Muslim boy who was returning from madrasa was attacked  by an RSS worker at Parappanangadi in Kerala. According to the victim, the attacker, who was passing by on a scooter, punched him on the face and he fell down. The police, who arrested him, later released him on bail and said that the accused suffered from mental issues.  However, the victim’s family alleged that the attacker Ramanathan was known to them and he did not suffer from any mental ailments. It was also alleged that local BJP workers visited the victim’s house and tried to coerce them into suppressing the case.




Digital creation viral as temple discovered upon demolition of mosque in Raichur, Karnataka

Date: 26 october 2021

A photograph was shared with the claim that a temple was discovered upon the demolition of a mosque in Karnataka’s Raichur. The image is actually a digital creation of an artist. At the bottom right of the image, a logo with the text “Chandra Colourist” can be seen. Chandra Colourist had posted the same image on May 8, 2016. To a question posed by a commentator on his post about the location of the temple, the artist stated that it was his digital creation. On Google, a photograph clicked by a photographer named Meiqianbao on April 12, 2016 can be found, based on which Chandra possibly created the above digital creation. When the two images are examined carefully, many features match. According to the American photo stock agency Shutterstock, the original picture is of Longmen Grottoes -Fengxiang temple stone Buddhas in Luoyang, Henan, China.

 A Twitter handle @umagarghi had tweeted the same image three years ago, with the suggestion that all mosques should be demolished.  Mahesh Vikram Hegde, the founder of the fake news website Postcard News and KP Ganesh, both of whom are followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter, claimed that during the demolition of a mosque for the purposes of road widening in Raichur, a temple was found.

Alt News contacted the former District Magistrate posted in Raichur when the orders for road-widening were passed in 2016.

He said, “The information that is being shared on social media is untrue. When demolition happened in Raichur, there were some traditional buildings. Ek Minar, which is a very old structure, was one of the buildings that was demolished for road widening. Such old structures have a variety of carvings and it cannot be concluded that it was originally a temple from just one pillar. Some groups tried to make this claim, but when they were countered, they did not pursue with the claim.”




 Muslim man thrashed by Hindutva men during rally against Bangladesh violence

Date: 21 october 2021

Jabir Ahmed Barbhuiya, a Muslim resident of Assam‘s Kalain town was attacked by Hindutva men who were the participants of a large bike rally, held in Silchar against the communal violence in Bangladesh during Durga Puja celebrations.

“They pushed me from the back and attacked me with a glass bottle on my head. All of them were members of the RSS and Bajrang Dal,” said Jabir who was trying to pass by the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Silchar.

The Muslim youth was attacked by protesters outside the DC office, he said.

Jabir said he has lodged an FIR against the assailants in Silchar Sadar Police station.

Videos shared on social media show that the members and local leaders of VHP, Hindu Jagran Manch, Bharat Sevasram Sangha, and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh raised anti-Muslim slogans along with “Jai Shree Ram” chants during the rally.

Assam media reported that the Special Director General of Assam Police GP Singh has asked the Superintendent of Cachar Police Ramandeep Kaur to look into the matter.




Muslim Couple's Chicken Shop Vandalised by Hindutva Group, Owners Hit by Scooter Days Later 

Date: 19 october 2021

Karnataka Police allegedly refused to register an FIR when a Muslim family approached them alleging that their chicken shop had been vandalised by a Hindutva group which demanded that it be closed for a temple opening, Indian Express has reported. Several days after the couple complained to the police, the male owner was injured in a hit-and-run accident.

The incident, outside Belagavi city, reportedly took place on October 8 and only came to light after a video began to be shared on social media. 

Express has reported that the Hindutva group had demanded that the shop, owned by one Hasab Sab and his wife, Afsana Hasan Sab Khureshi, be closed on the occasion of a temple inauguration.

Notably, there was no order from the administration on this.

Afsana told the news outlet that while the couple did close shop by the “stipulated” 11 am, they sent two workers to clean it in the afternoon.

These workers were assaulted and the shop, vandalised. When the couple rushed to the shop, they received threats from members of the Hindutva group. “They threatened us that they would not allow us to live in the town and tried to extort money from us,” Afsana said.

When the couple approached police, the latter held a meeting to affect a “compromise” in spite of the fact that the couple had asked for action against the attackers.

“The police told us that they had ‘settled the matter and would not intervene in our business and told us that there was no need to file a complaint,” Afsana told Express.

But no real compromise had been reached, Afsana said, as when the couple attempted to reopen the shop, the attackers continued to trouble them and attempted to get money from them with threats of eviction from the village.

The couple had already contributed a sum for the construction of the temple over the opening of which their shop was vandalised. 

They also told Express that police are now investigating the leak of the video and not the vandalisation.

On 19 October, Saab’s scooter was rammed from behind by a two-wheeler.