VHP men entered our homes, molested us: Muslim women in Tripura

Date: 27 October 2021

Muslims in a Tripura village accused Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) members of molesting Muslim women after they were targeted by the Hindu paramilitary groups, a police complaint stated. “At approx 3 pm afternoon on 26 October 2021, a rally happened in Panisagar organised by Vishva Hindu Parishad. The rally was moving by Assam-Agartala roads to Chamtila via Roa Bazar. Some miscreant groups from the rally set fire on shops and vandalised shops. Shops were gutted in the fire. Additionally, they invaded and ruckus homes of residents living near to the market (Roa Bazar). They sexually molested women. They had planned to attack Roa Jame Mosque. In this grave situation, minority families are feeling insecurity. We would request to take necessary action under IPC against these miscreants,” read a rough translation of a complaint written in Bengali language.

The complaint dated 26 October 2021, was filed to Panisagar police station by seven Muslims including two women residing in the Roa locality in Panisagar sub-division in North Tripura, 155 km from state capital Agartala.

A mosque and at least five Muslim habitations including houses and shops set on fire at Panisagar sub-division during a VHP rally on 26 october.

There were 3,500 people in the rally where anti-Muslim slogans were chanted.

“A section of VHP activists at the rally ransacked a mosque in the Chamtilla area. Later, three houses and three shops were ransacked and two shops set on fire in the Rowa Bazar area, around 800 yards away from the first incident,” Indian Express quotes Panisagar Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Soubhik Dey as saying.






False anti-Muslim narrative given to robbery arrest

Date: 29 October 2021

A video of police officers escorting a man who had been shot in his leg was shared on social media with the claim that the man’s name is Adil, whom the police ‘taught a lesson after he reportedly pulled a gun and threatened to remove a Durga Puja pandal in Azamgarh.

Alt News performed a reverse image search of a frame from the video and came across a tweet by Pankaj Jha, editor of ABP News. Jha wrote that a group of miscreants in Noida were caught by the police. The group used to coerce people to give them money from ATMs in the pretext of first offering them lifts. They also found a tweet posted by Gautam Buddha Nagar Police Commissionerate. The October 17 post carries a photo of the accused seen in the viral video, with a caption stating that police were involved in an encounter with a group of men who had been committing assault and robberies in the pretext of giving people a lift.





Hardliner calls for demolition of Islamic structures 

Date: 1 november 2021

In an incendiary speech delivered in Gujarat's Morbi on 27 October, right-wing hardliner Kajal Ben Shingala, alias Kajal Hindustani, called for the demolition of certain local Islamic structures, including an ancient dargah located in the city.

Shingala, addressing a congregation organised by Jay Ambe Seva Group in Morbi, claimed that members of the Muslim community had illegally encroached upon the Darbargadh area of Morbi. She also advocated the adoption of "illegal means" to bulldoze two mosques, which she claimed had been constructed there illegally.

"Out of this crowd, if only 500 can tell me that they are against this illegal encroachment that they (Muslims) have done in Darbargadh, then tell me. This campaign should start by tomorrow, and do not rest until these two illegal masjids are destroyed. I will make the strategy and lead it, all I need is your support. If it is illegal, then why do we need to adopt legal means to destroy it? I will get the bulldozer and I will pay for it. If people are standing with me, I will do it. Tell me when should we do this?"

The event, at which hundreds were present, was also attended by senior journalist and right-wing advocate Pushpendra Kulshrestha as chief guest.

Claiming in her speech that she has the support of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) for the demolition, Hindustani said:

"If we go now, Pushpendra (Kulshrestha) bhai will tell us that you called me and went to destroy it. So if you want to listen to him and destroy it, then do it. I am here. I will do it. You can sit down. It feels good that you stood in support of me and I liked that my brothers are with me. If they cannot take permission while doing illegal work, then why do we need permission to destroy it? I had brought the same matter to the parishad also, illegal means are justified to bring down illegal things."

The police, when approached by The Quint, declined from commenting on the matter. No action had been taken against Hindustani or the event organisers for the inflammatory speech even a week after the incident.

Ms Kajal, who is followed by PM Modi on Twitter, has been stirring controversy through her Twitter account that is seen as inflammatory by many.





Owner and presenter of Youtube Channel known for inflammatory content arrested

Date: 1 November 2021

The owner and presenter at NAMO TV, a Malayalam Youtube channel known for its anti-Muslim inflammatory content, was arrested after they surrendered before Thiruvalla SHO. A case had been registered against owner Ranjith T Abraham and presenter Sreeja Vallikkod under Section 153 A for promoting enmity between groups. The presenter’s style of using debasing language against the minority community had created public outrage, and the government had also come under fire for not taking any action against the channel.






Jammu and Kashmir BJP leader asks his supporters to ‘skin’ Muslims alive


DAte: 2 november 2021

Those who celebrated Pakistan’s win against India in the recent T20 World Cup match should not only be beaten up and skinned but their Indian citizenship should also be cancelled, senior J&K BJP leader and former MLC Vikram Randhawa was heard purportedly saying in a video that went viral on social media.

In the video, he also allegedly asks Muslims to offer namaz on WhatsApp instead of “occupying the roads”.

Following outrage over the video, Jammu and Kashmir police lodged an FIR against Randhawa and the ex-MLA was also removed from all party posts.

In the video, Randhawa purportedly says, “These 22- or 23-year-old girls, who roam around in Jammu in veils, were in Kashmir throwing their jackets in the air and raising pro-Pakistan slogans. And these girls in the age group of 21-22 are praising Pakistan and have sympathy for it in their hearts.”

“ All those involved in this kind of activity should be beaten up and skinned. They should be treated such that their coming generations too remember the result of raising anti-India slogans or pro-Pakistan slogans on Indian soil,” he says. “Not only them, their parents should also realise what kind of ungrateful children they have given birth to.”

“Since the very beginning, we have demanded that their degrees be cancelled. We also demand that their citizenship should also be cancelled and they be beaten up and skinned,” he says.

“Earlier, they used to give talaq on mobile phone. So why not offer namaz also on WhatsApp, why do you people come and occupy the roads for it,” he says.







Hawker Assaulted, Forced to Chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in UP’s Aligarh

Date: 1 november 2021

A clothes seller belonging to a minority community was beaten up with lathis in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh on Sunday evening, 31 October, for allegedly not chanting “Jai Shri Ram.”

The clothes seller, Aamir Khan, was then taken to the district hospital, where doctors referred him to JN Medical College. The accused, a father and son duo, were arrested by the police shortly after.

Aamir Khan, a resident of Aligarh’s Harduaganj who works as a hawker, was showing clothes to potential customers in Nagla Khem area, while on his way home.

Two people, a father-son duo, walked up to him and asked his name. On finding out that Aamir is Muslim, the two allegedly forced him to chant “Jai Shri Ram”.

As per the victim, the duo then grabbed a calendar and asked him to touch the feet of a God's photo on it. Further, they even tried to set Aamir’s bike on fire.

Moreover, while one of the accused filmed the assault, Aamir’s phone and Rs 10,000 were also also stolen from him during the incident.

Though local women residents tried to defend Aamir, they weren’t able to restrict the goons.

The aggrieved party filed a complaint with the police and demanded action, after which a case under Sections 223 and 307 of IPC was registered.

"My nephew Aamir works as a clothes seller. In Nagla Khem, the goons beat him up. There was a crowd in the village at the time of the incident. As per the villagers, the goons belong to Bajrang Dal, who keep creating tension in the village."






Gurgaon Administration Withdraws Permission for Namaz at Eight Spots

Date; 9 november 2021

Caving to pressure from Hindutva groups, Gurgaon’s district administration cancelled permission to offer namaz at eight of the 37 designated sites. In a statement, the administration cited “objection from local residents and resident welfare associations” as the reason, according to Indian Express. The move comes after sustained protests by Hindutva groups, which have opposed public namaz offerings despite the administration’s permission. The administration was forced to provide police protection to the sites.

According to Indian Express, the sites where permission has been cancelled are Bengali Basti sector 49, V block DLF phase 3, Surat Nagar Phase 1, outside Kheri Majra village, near Daulatabad village on Dwarka Expressway, sector 68 near Ramgarh village, near DLF square tower, from Rampur village to Nakhrola road.

The Hindutva groups protested at two sites, in sector 12 A and sector 47, for two months.

The 37 designated spots were arrived at after public namaz offerings were objected to by Hindutva groups and residents. Bharat Mata Vahini president Dinesh Bharti, who has spearheaded the protests, had claimed that the namaz offering was an ‘international conspiracy’. “They are offering namaz as part of this conspiracy of… love jihad, land jihad. If we don’t raise our voice, they will build a mosque here,” he had said.