Sulli Deals: Organised attempt to blame a Muslim youth for the app

DAte: 15 november 2021

Fact-checking website AltNews found evidence that an elaborate plot was underway to put the blame of the derogatory ‘sulli deals’ on a Muslim man. The GitHub account @sullideals was created on June 13.  A Twitter handle named @sullideals had been sharing screenshots of “deals of the day” since June 13 or 14. The handle also took responsibility for creating the app.  “Sulli Deals” became popular on July 4 when several women on Twitter found their pictures on the app. That same day @sdfrgt4rf bragged about creating the app. He shared screenshots of the app’s backend, proving that he had access. The next day, @sullideals786 also claimed association. On July 22, Twitter handle @dankchikitsak run by Krunal Patel, and multiple others according to him, shifted the blame to Zaved Alam. @dankchikitsak shared screenshots of pornographic Twitter handles run by Zaved along with Zaved’s Twitter chat with @not_sameen where he accepts that he is behind the pornographic handles. @dankchikitsak also shared a Telegram chat that he claimed was between Zaved Alam and @not_sameen. It portrayed Zaved confessing he was behind “Sulli Deals”. The Telegram chat took place at 6 pm on July 24 but @dankchikitsak had already declared Zaved confessed to being the creator of “Sulli Deals” before the so-called confession happened. Krunal justified this discrepancy by claiming that Zaved’s association was already known since he used to brag about “Sulli Deals”. Evidence of the alleged bragging was not provided. More importantly, according to the Twitter chat, Zaved messaged @not_sameen on or before July 22 but the alleged Telegram chat is dated July 24. Krunal claimed that Zaved has another Telegram account and he first spoke to @not_sameen on the other account. Neither there is proof of the same nor did Krunal share details about @not_sameen’s identity beyond accepting that a man was behind the handle.

@not_sameen and Zaved Alam exchanged phone numbers. @not_sameen’s mobile number accessed by Alt News matches Krunal’s mobile number available publicly. Krunal claimed this was because he let @not_sameen give his number to Zaved. But once @not_sameen got Zaved’s number, all subsequent chats happened on Telegram or Twitter. Krunal’s WhatsApp number, as claimed by Krunal, was only used to get Zaved to share his number.

@not_sameen handle had misused pictures of a Pakistani woman. The same woman’s photos were “rated” by Ritesh Jha aka Liberal Doge on a YouTube video from May.

Liberal Doge had cheered @sdfrgt4rf for creating the app on July 4. Twenty days later, he blamed Zaved Alam for “Sulli Deals”.

An entire story was thus created to pin the blame of the creation of the “Sulli Deals” app on a young Muslim man. While the police investigation is yet to bring out the truth, the “evidence” shared by @dankchikitsak and @sullidealsXpose is flimsy and does not prove that Zaved Alam had anything to do with the app.




Image of Muslim-owned shop gutted in Amravati violence shared as “violence against Hindus”

Date: 16 novemebr 2021

Curfew was imposed in Maharashtra’s Amravati on Sunday, November 14, after violence that broke out the previous day continued with a mob destroying private and public property. “On November 12, Muslim organisations called for a bandh in several cities of Maharashtra protesting against the incidents in Tripura where Muslims were allegedly targeted. The bandh turned violent in Malegaon, Nanded and Amravati cities as the mob threw stones and damaged private properties,” reported The Hindu.

The next day, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) called for a bandh in Amravati. The bandh, however, turned violent. Stone-pelting, vandalism and incidents of arson were reported from the city.

OpIndia published an article where BJP’s Tushar Bhartiya was quoted as saying that Muslim mobs attacked Hindu establishments with swords and stones. The pro-BJP propaganda outlet used an image that showed a cop attempting to douse the fire in a shop.

Sudarshan News posted a video of the same shop engulfed in flames and alleged “jihadi violence”.

OpIndia has used a cropped photo of the burning shop “Khan Electricals”. The original picture is a PTI image and is described as, “Policemen try to douse a fire in a shop after a mob went on a rampage during a bandh allegedly organised by BJP in Amravati on Saturday.”

The shop is right beside “Choube’s Nukkad Kachori”, which according to Google Maps is barely a kilometre from Rajkamal Chowk where BJP, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena took out a march on Saturday.

“Shadab Khan, 36, whose shop established in 1970 for repairing electronic items was gutted too, fought back tears as he counted his losses,” reported The Indian Express.




Hyderabad restaurant tells Muslim women to take off hijab, restricts entry

Date: 13 november 2021

 “Hijab and Burkha-clad women are not allowed. If you still enter, it could be a problem,” remarked the bouncer of Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen, an upscale restaurant in Jubilee Hills to Zareen*, a 24-year-old resident of the city.

Zareen is among a group of Muslim women who have taken the issue to social media over the past few days. The women took to Instagram to share experiences of discrimination at the restaurant for wearing an abaya or a hijab. The women allege that this is regular practice at the restaurant as several accounts of such discrimination have surfaced.

In October 2020, Zareen’s friend and her then 19-year-old younger sister had decided to eat out at Sanctuary. After being reprimanded by the bouncer, the duo brushed aside the instance as a passing insult and went ahead to the restaurant where the staff continued to ignore them for 20 minutes straight.

It was only when Zareen, who was not wearing a hijab arrived, that they were served but the hostility lingered for the three of them. They were also prevented from taking photographs.

“My youngest sister cried later in the night as she had never been treated this way before.” said an upset Zareen who then proceeded to inform her sibling Kaunain* about the incident.

Zareen said that this is not just Islamophobic but also deeply sexist. We are customers and aren’t there to “look nice” for aesthetic purposes, she added.




Shops belonging to Muslims burnt during bandh called by BJP in Amravati

Date: 15 novemebr 2021

Two shops belonging to Muslims were burnt during a shutdown observed by the Bharatiya Janata Party in Maharashtra’s Amravati city on  Saturday, 13 November, The Indian Express reported. The BJP observed the bandh in response to a protest staged by a Muslim organisation on Friday against the recent communal violence in Tripura. The protestors had allegedly thrown stones at BJP leader Pravin Pote’s home.

Incidents of stone-pelting were also reported from other places in Amravati, after which the authorities on Saturday imposed a curfew for four days and suspended internet services.

On the same day, 6,000 workers of the BJP and Hindutva groups Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad assembled at Rajkamal Chowk in Amravati reportedly on Pote’s instructions, according to The Indian Express.

“A section of this crowd turned violent, burnt two shops, damaged some other shops, burnt vehicles,” an unidentified police officer told the newspaper. “Almost all the victims are from the minority community. It appears that the violence had been planned a day in advance in retaliation for the violence on Friday by some members of the minority community.”

One of the shops burnt during the violence had been running since 1970 and belonged to a man named Shadab Khan. The shop owner said his electronics repair business had already been hit by the coronavirus crisis. “I had to let go five workers,” he told The Indian Express. “Now that my shop is gone, I have suffered a loss of Rs 13 lakh and lost my life’s earnings. The mob also stole electronic items from my shop.”

Feroze Ahmed, another businessman, said that the “police were watching as my shop burnt”.

Hindutva workers also allegedly attacked a dargah on Saturday, according to The Wire. On the other hand, Muslims attacked a temple, witnesses claimed. But the police said the temple was damaged during “intermittent stone-pelting”, according to The Wire.




Under Congress rule, India was partially a Muslim nation: BJP leader

Date: 13 november 2021

Keeping up its attack on the Congress over the opposition party’s criticism of Hindutva, the BJP claimed that India was partially a “Muslim nation” when it was in power as sharia provisions were then part of the legal system and measures were taken to give them primacy even over Supreme Court judgment.

BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi alleged that the violence in Maharashtra over the “false” news of mosques being targeted in Tripura, disinformation campaign in social media and Congress leaders’ comments attacking Hindutva were part of a larger conspiracy against Hinduism.

Trivedi said the Congress symbolises politics of appeasement and spreads hate against Hinduism and causes riots.

“Under the Congress rule India was partially a Muslim nation. I am saying so because sharia provisions were part of the constitutional system,” the BJP leader said, referring to the practice like instant talaq, now barred, and grant of Haj subsidy, since discontinued.




Rice Adulteration Video From Peru Viral As India With Communal Spin

Dte: 13 november 2021

An old video from Peru of workers adulterating rice is being shared with the false and communal claim that it shows Muslims mixing chemicals in it to kill Hindus in India.

The video shows a group of men sitting around rice bags and adulterating the rice by mixing a liquid in it.

The viral video is being shared with the caption when translated reads, "Now rice jihad, where are Hindus.. will save your family and children. Muslims* have geared up to eliminate the infidels meaning Hindus...Do not buy such rice..From the above video it is clear that Muslims are trying to reduce the Hindu population by putting chemicals in rice. Not only are they adding this dangerous chemical to rice so that they can make Hindus sick. Do not buy anything from Muslim establishments. In women and children, this chemical produces more disorders, it causes cancer, heart trouble, itching in the skin, reduced eyesight, and diabetes. Be careful, shop only from Hindu shopkeepers."  Fact checking website BOOM found that the viral video is from an incident in Peru, South America dating back to 2018, and not from India as being claimed.

They also found posts in Spanish with the viral video claiming it is from Peru. One such caption when translated read, "Look then what unconsciousness !!! Stirring the rice with real rice and add coloring aniline, to match the color. How miserable this video is from (Peru)"




3 booked for circulating fake video of Muslim women shouting pro-Pakistan slogans

Date: 20 november 2021

A news reporter and two other people were booked by the Shanivarasanthe Police in Karnataka’s Kodagu district for allegedly morphing a video of a Muslim woman shouting ‘Ambedkar Zindabad’ to make it appear as if she was shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. The reporter, who is the prime accused, has been identified as a man named Harish, Shanivarasanthe Police Inspector Parashiva Murthy said. According to the first information report (FIR) filed by the police, the other two who have been booked include a Gram Panchayat member, Raghu.

The inspector told TNM that the original video was captured when several family members of a Muslim man, who was arrested by the police, had gathered outside the police station on November 12. They claimed that the man was innocent, and demanded that he be released. The woman shouted ‘Ambedkar Zindabad’ at this protest and this was captured in the video.

This was allegedly morphed to make it appear like she was shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and Harish and Raghu used the morphed video to call for a bandh in Shanivarasanthe on November 15, claiming that Hindus in the area were oppressed.

The third accused, Gireesha, also allegedly shared the morphed video on several WhatsApp groups with a message that said, “People from the Muslim community have shouted Pakistan Zindabad in front of the Shanivarasanthe police station. The police must arrest and register a case against these anti nationals.”

The police booked the three accused under sections 34 [(criminal) acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention] and 153 (wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot—if rioting be committed—if not committed) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).