Ex-MLA says spitting on food is a compulsory habit among Muslims

Date: 21 november 2021

Kerala ex-MLA P C George, in response to the Sangh Parivar-initiated halal food controversy in the state, said spitting on food was a compulsory habit among Muslims. Halal food is communal food, and cannot be accepted. He also added that while he was contesting the 2016 elections, Muslims clerics blowed and spat all over him as part of their belief and he had to take a shower before he went out campaigning. He also added that Muslims spit on the dough three times while cooking, and that is the food that is served to the public. They must have spat on the ‘halal’ jaggery being used at Sabarimala as well. Devaswam Board has to stop using this ‘aravana’ because it belongs a kaakka (a term for Muslim men sometimes used derogatorily. The company in the eye of the storm is actually  owned by a Shiv Sena leader). In the same interview, P C George ‘warned’ that the Christian priests were blind to the fact that women in their community were being abducted, and a situation is prevelant where “they” (indicating Muslims) can act in any way they want and that Christians and Hindus had a duty to put a stop to this. 







Kerala BJP says halal boards have to be banned the way triple talaq was outlawed 

Date: 21 november 2021

BJP leader P Sudheer demanded that halal boards in public places be banned as Muthalaq is banned. Sudheer said, ‘The BJP is demanding a ban on communal agendas in the name of halal.  The BJP does not believe that halal is a religious practice. I  don’t think the Islamic scholars agree with this. Terrorist organizations are trying to implement the communal agenda in the public life of Kerala under the guise of religion. This is the agenda of SDPI and Jamaat-e-Islami extremists.’