Mob Beats Up Two Madrasa Students in Gujarat

Date: 11 october 2021

Two Madrasa students in the Paldi area of Gujarat were reportedly beaten up by a Hindu mob leaving them severely wounded and hospitalised.

Umar, 17 and Khizar, 16,  were allegedly abused by the group of men as the crowd gathered and watched.“The assailants targeted them as they were wearing Kurta pyjama and a skullcap,” Mufti Abdul Qayyum, father of Umar, told Maktoob Media.

Umar’s hand was twisted and he was repeatedly attacked on his head and he sustained severe injuries, said the report. The duo were returning home on a scooter.

“On Vishwakunj Char road, a man named Bhavesh with his wife and daughter were on an Activa scooter,” social activist Salim Hafezi was quoted in the report. “He took a turn without an indicator, due to which the scooter on which the two children were riding became imbalanced, and they fell. Bhavesh’s wife started beating both the children and created a ruckus due to which a crowd gathered at the site and seeing their Muslim identity, the mob started beating them so mercilessly that both the children got fractures on their wrists.”

The police rescued the two boys and then shifted them to hospital. An FIR was also filed on the family’s complaint in Paldi police station under different Sections of the Indian penal code including Sections 154, 323, 294 B and 427.




BJP leaders falsely claim only azan was played at Priyanka Gandhi’s rally

Date: 15 october 2021

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national spokesperson Sambit Patra accused Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and the party of “appeasing” Muslims during her address at the Kisan Nyay Rally on 10 October in Varanasi.  

Patra uploaded the same video on Twitter twice, showing Priyanka and other Congress members listening to the azaan, the Muslim call to prayer, before cutting to interviews of people who attended the rally. 

While one of the attendees asked how the Congress could claim to “protect Hindus” while allowing the azaan to go on “for 10 minutes”, another claimed that Priyanka had paused her speech and called for azaan during the rally. 

This video was also shared by the BJP’s national Information & Technology Department in-charge Amit Malviya. 

The video that Patra and Malviya shared was culled from a longer video. The unedited video and media reports about the rally paint a different picture.

The full 90-minute livestream of Priyanka’s address at the rally, uploaded by the Congress’ YouTube channel, shows the proceedings began with Sanskrit shlokas, and Muslim as well as Sikh religious chanting, in that order.  

Over 50 minutes into the livestream, Priyanka addresses the crowd by reciting shlokas, contrary to the allegations of “Muslim appeasement”. 

A report by PTI said the Congress leader also told the crowd to chant “Jai Mata Di” and ended her speech with the same chant.




Group barges into dargah, tries to install idol

DAte: 15 october 2021

A group of people arrived at the Roza Rozi dargah at Mahemdavad in Gujarat dancing to the tune of music being played through loudspeakers, conducted religious rituals and attempted to install an idol of a goddess at the site. 




Man attacked while returning from market on last night of Dussehra

Date: 17 october 2021

A 23-year-old Muslim man returning from the amrket on the last night of Dussehra was attacked. 23-year-old Md Raza was attacked while returning from the market. “There was a rush of Dashmi. Someone from the crowd asked me: ‘Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?’ I replied: ‘Muslim.’ Then someone from the crowd “Maar Miya Saale ko” [Attack Muslims] and then they started beating me”.

Raza claims that the mob looted him and raised anti-Muslim slurs while beating mercilessly.




Man attacked by mob for his Muslim identity 

Date: 17 october 2021

A man was reportedly attacked by a Hindu mob on the last day of Dussehra [Hindu festival] in different incidents in Bihar Sharif, Bihar’s Nalanda district. Saddam Qureshi was brutally attacked on the head while visiting his in-laws’ house.

“I had gone to in-laws house, Moth Mahua Tola, Bihar Sharif to meet my wife. Around 7:30 pm, I was standing at the gate of the road then suddenly 15-20 people came and asked my name, as I told my name, they started beating me while calling me Miya”.

“Is it a crime for me to be a Muslim in this country?” asks Qureshi.

Qureshi has demanded police to check footage from the CCTV installed in the locality and arrest the assailants.




Man beaten up by mob on the last night of Dussehra

Date: 17 october 2021

 A Muslim man named Asif was attacked on the last night of Dussehra in the Bihar Sharif area after he asked a crowd celebrating the festival about the occasion.