Kashmiri students attacked in Punjab colleges after India vs Pakistan match

Date: 25 october 2021

Several Kashmiri students were allegedly attacked at two educational institutions in Punjab after Pakistan beat India in the ongoing ICC T-20 World Cup.

Students from Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology in Punjab’s Sangrur district shared videos of the “attack” from inside their hostel post the match. Similar reports also came in from the Rayat Bahrat University in Kharar.

“Kashmiri students who were assaulted in Sangrur and Kharar Mohali told me that they were rescued by the locals and other Panjabi students. Students from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana had barged into their rooms, thrashed them and went on a rampage,” Nasir Khuehami, the national spokesperson J&K Students Association, claimed.

In a video from Sangrur college, one of the students accused the security guard for allegedly allowing a group of students from UP to enter their rooms and assault them. Later, Punjab Police officials reached the college and spoke to the Kashmiri students.






Video of Brawl in Bhopal Gym Falsely Shared as 'Love Jihad' Case

Date: 21 october 2021

A video of a brawl inside a gym in Bhopal is being shared on social media with a claim that a Muslim woman had assaulted a Hindu woman for having an affair with her husband. The claim warns of 'Love Jihad' to Hindu families.

All the three involved in the fight belong to the same community.

The video is being shared with the claim that a Muslim woman had thrashed her husband along with his girlfriend from the Hindu community, adding that Muslim women are no more worried about 'triple talaq', and further warns that Hindu families must keep a watch over 'love jihad' cases.

26-year-old Urba Shahi started beating up the alleged girlfriend of her husband Talha Shamim when she found them at the gym.

A news report by India Today read that on the brawl took place on 15 October and that Urba's husband has denied allegations of having an affair, according to police.

"Everyone involved in the brawl is from the same community. The claim that the woman (name withheld) is Hindu is false," the cop said.






Hindu mob protests opening of Muslim-owned restaurant

dATE: 26 october 2021

A video clip of a mob shouting proactive and communal slogans against the opening of a restaurant in Gujarat’s Anand district has drawn massive outrage on social media.

In the video, a crowd can be seen shouting in front of restaurant Blueivy, hateful slogans like “If you want to stay in India, you will have to say Jai Shri Ram” and “Desh ke gaddaron ko juta maro salon ko (beat the traitors with shoes)”. They were also shouting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Vande Matram”.

The video was uploaded by a news outlet MuslimMirror.com on its Twitter handle.

The Hindus feel that the hotel has no place in “their area”. Two of the hotel’s three owners are Muslims. The group which had doctors, lawyers and students sang Ram Bhajans, Ram Dhoons and sprinkled Ganga jal to “purify” the area. “The hotel has to go,” Binaben Patel said. “This is a Hindu area. This hotel is owned by Muslim[s]. It is a blot on our Hindu culture to have this hotel here”.

Hotel Blueivy, which has a banquet hotel, restaurant, hotel rooms and coffee shops does not serve any non-vegetarian food. Not even omelettes or any other egg items. “So what,” another woman screams. “This hotel is owned by Muslims. It is a sin for us to see them also.”

Another catch: of the hotel’s three owners – a Gujarati Patel and two Gujarati Muslims – all dress alike. They have no beard or skull caps. So how do the Hindus know they are Muslims? “We can feel it. This entire area was very good. The vibes are different since this Muslim-owned hotel has come up,” another housewife chips in.






Fake news claims Hindu idol images placed on toilet tiles in Gujarat hotel

Date: 28 october 2021

Muslim Mirror, a media platform covering the affairs of minorities and disadvantaged groups of India, posted a protest video from Anand, Gujarat, on 26 October. The video shows a group protesting and sloganeering outside a restaurant, 'Blueivy', in media presence. They captioned the video, "Anand (Gujarat). #Hindu extremists opposing the opening of a restaurant owned by a Muslim. They are sloughing slogans, "If you want to stay in India, you will have to say Jai Sri Ram". #Hindutva.#RSS".

Replying to the video by Muslim Mirror, several Twitter users posted a video claiming to show why people were protesting outside the Blueivy restaurant. The video is recorded by a man speaking in Gujarati and showing that tiles with pictures of Hindu deities were laid on a wall outside the toilet, which hurt the sentiments of Hindus, leading to a protest against the restaurant and its Muslim owners. They captioned the video, "FAKE They are protesting because this Muslim owned hotel had images of Hindu deities on tiles outside the bathroom".

The people protesting outside Blueivy restaurant are from Anand, Gujarat, whereas the viral video of a man showing tiles with pictures of Hindu deities laid outside the restaurant's toilet is claimed to be from Adina Palace, which is in Valsad Gujarat. Residents have clearly specified the reason for the protest as a Muslim owning the restaurant and the neighbour as 'Land Jihad'.